Mailmerge vs newsletter software?

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Hi all, I am new to this forum but have been meaning to ask this question for some time now.

For a few years our business contacted all old and new customers from using mailmerge (excel list, word template and mail program).

We usually got very good results from this and quite often many replies and good conversion rates.

Of course the downside was that all bounce backs and undelivered would fill our inbox and required manually sorting.

Last year we decided to make things easier by using online newsletter software. As most of you probably know it's much easier this way, lists are automatically handled and much easier for future projects.

The downside was our conversion rates have dropped massively since we started doing it this way.

We have used 3 of the mostly highly rated companies but all seemed to have given us very low replies and conversions.

My only theory on this is they send out so many emails from their servers that the ip's are seen as spam so we are getting a very low delivery rate.

Most likely there are other explanations for this but I am definitely no expert so would really appreciate any advice and help some of you could offer as to why this may be?

Although the old way (using mailmerge) was slower and more time consuming I would prefer to use it as it brought more business. Unfortunately our hosting company has limited the amount of emails sent in 24 hours so this method has become much slower.

I should add, we don't really send newsletters, these emails are mostly just asking customers if they require our services. Usually a very simple and brief email.

Thanks in advance!
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