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Hi there,

I have been considering provide a lead magnet on my website to collect email addresses. The contacts will be automatically imported into my list, and I plan to use autoresponder or automation to send them product demo invitation.

When do you think is the best time to send out the invitation?

Thanks in advance!
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  • What do they get when they sign up for your list? A free report, just signing up for blog posts, nothing, etc.? What's your "build-up" plan?

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    It really depends on the population that you are targeting and the products demos that you will be sending to them.
    is it about tech, science , vacations , health , ...etc ?
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    Send an immediate reply, then use a mailing-list management system to optimise the send times of the follow-ups.


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    invite success rates and that one should not over think the exact time of the day to send an invite.
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    You could send out a welcome message immediately after they subscribe and include the link to the demo in it.
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  • As long as you are providing some sort of helpful (value) information in the funnel then you could do some light pitches for the first couple emails. Then make a pitch around the third or fourth email.

    If you can put a video in you welcome email that would help increase some trust so your subs can put a face with the name and (in a sense) get to know you better.

    If you can give them helpful information in every email and then pitch a product that helped you, it will be much more productive then sending a pitch email following the welcome email.

    Just make sure your lead magnet has something to do with your product demo.
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    As far as I know, you should send the invitation after three days they subscribed to you.
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    Hey man,

    Do it right away, when they're warm Make it worth their while
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      I totally agree with him. The subscriber should feel we value their action.
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    I think when you send out your first email, send them the free goodie. Simple, clear way to connect with followers quickly, Natalie. No sense delaying or waiting. The moment matters most. I figure if you help them generously with the product demo, just help them when they sign up. That's how I frame it; help quickly to succeed now.
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    Send Welcome email after subscription to the newsletter.
    then when you send out your 2nd email, send them the free goods(i.e: ebooks,gits card etc).
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