Why isn't my relationship niche email list earning $1 a month/subscriber?

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I've heard the claim made that each email subscriber is worth $1 a month per subscriber. I can't help but think that statistic only applies to the IM niche.

I have a relationship niche list. I can't make it earn anywhere near that. At a max, i can only make 4 cents per subscriber per month. Here are my stats:

Email address collected from my own relationship advice website
Email list = 2200 subscribers
Email follow up to new subscribers promotes products for 2 weeks only
1 email broadcast per week to my entire list
Approx 3 sales of $30 each per month
Total sales per month = approx $90

What am i doing wrong?
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    $1 per subscriber per month is a totally hypothetical value.

    I have lists that make far more than that and lists that make far less than that.

    What is your open and click rate of your mailings?
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      Originally Posted by DIABL0 View Post

      What is your open and click rate of your mailings?
      This is from the last 5 broadcast messages i've sent (from a list of 2200):

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    It's not the niche or the list, it's what you're doing.

    You must promote higher ticket products and build a better relationship with your list.

    Also, weekly emails are nowhere near enough.

    If you have a relationship with the list, it doesn't matter how frequent you mail.

    (Sorry if this sounds like i'm an asshole, but this is the truth.)

    Hope this helps,

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  • The quality of your list and your offer will affect the earning a month per subscriber. Your list seems not so responsive as the email open rate is quite low. Also, you may want to know the ways to get your emails opened and read.
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    Your open rate is low.

    I have many questions, but to keep it short
    How old is your list?
    Do you test your inbox placement?
    What are you offering visitors to subscribe?

    You only send 1 mailing per week?
    Do you resend to the non-openers?

    Why are you consistently getting complaints?
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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    First of all the reason may be your emails are not inboxing.

    you need to build high Ip reutation get a new domain and i do recommend use market hero they share advance methods for high inboxing.

    second you only have 2 weeks follow up make your follow up to 30 days.

    third promote high ticket products which will give you $500 to $1000 per sales then just 1 or 2 sale will help you reach the goal.

    fourth have a personal attractive character that way you will be able to easily make more than $1 per month. if you donot know about this read dotcom secrets book .

    good luck
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    Hey Zac the Man,

    First of all, that metric is a rough average. A very mature list could be generating that depending on the strength of the engagement. A couple of things that I would do:

    - I'm agree with the comments here, promote HT products. You'll have more return on your conversions.
    - In order to promote HT, you'd be needing to mail your list 5-6 times per week. An 80%-20% on content-promo, respectively. With content, you give your list a reason to buy. This is the psychology behind it, you make your list being to ask questions to themselves. This is where you make the sell.
    - I don't know how old is your list but these things take time. Usually, you'll see a lot of marketers selling this as a "fast and easy". Reality is the speed is proportional to how much time you invest into it. In terms of complexity, is not that hard

    Try to mail your list this week with content ONLY while you search HT products to offer.

    Hope this helps,
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      Originally Posted by TheJoshG View Post

      search HT products to offer.
      I'm currently only promoting standard clickbank relationship products.

      Where would i find high ticket items in the relationship niche?

      I always was of the impression that HT items in this niche were seminars, and seeing how the seminars would be in a specific time and place, the vast majority of my list would not be able to attend the seminar even if they wanted to. They'd either be too far away from the seminar or in a different country.
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        You can go to Webinarjam.com
        Click On Demand at the top right corner
        Look for your niche

        I have no experience whatsoever with this niche but this might be helpful to start. You can even contact them for replays.

        Hope this helps
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    You could try optimizing your subject line, make it more specific and right to the point of what you are trying to sell.
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