How Do You Send Specific Number of Clicks in Emails?

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How Do You Send Specific Number of Clicks in Emails?

I see people saying they are able to send 1000 clicks, etc.

How do you control the number of clicks delivered?
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    You can control them with some tracking service/software, but its not necessary
    I think you are talking about solo ads. If some person telling that he can deliver 1000 clicks, you won't get exactly 1000 clicks, you will get more because nobody would try to control delivered clicks, solo ads sellers always overdelivering, so you would get let's say 1050 or 1036 clicks.

    Let's say you have 5000 email list and you know that the open rate is about 20% and CTR is 3% (click thrue rate), so it means that from one sent email to 5000 emai list, you will get 150 clicks. So you can send 7 emails over a week and you will get 1050 clicks. It can be lower or higher. If these 7 sent emails generated only 900 clicks, you send one more and you reach 1000 clicks.

    You can control clicks with some service. For example, you set up that after one link receives 1000 cicks,it automatically redirects clicks to another link.
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    It's more of an exaggeration. They can get you 1000 clicks, but they are focusing more on the campaign behind it.
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    You need to have a tracking software that controls how many clicks you send to a specific link. is one that is very popular
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