Automating Daily Email Delivery of Large Batch in Chronological Order on Sign Up

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Hi Warriors,

I have a batch of 365 emails that I want to deliver 1 per day over the course of a year to a new subscriber when they sign up. That means every time I get a new subscriber, they'll begin getting a new daily email starting with #1 until it reaches #365. I've looked at email automation, but I haven't seen this kind of thing discussed. I suspect there is a way to do this, but am not sure. Is there a way? And if so, what would be the cheapest service to use?

Many Thanks....David
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    I don't believe that sending an email everyday to one person for a year is a good thing to do. We send 1 email very 2 weeks to our customers and still see a really high unsubscribe rate. I know personally that Amazon send daily emails and after 1 week i unsubscribed from them.

    As for the best platform to use, personally i prefer to use Mailchimp. That is the service that we use, however i found this article after a short search which could help you.

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    Any autoresponder service can do what you want.

    Aweber, Getresponse, and MailChimp are the most popular.

    If it matters, MailChimp doesn't allow affiliate marketing.
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    Hi Promo Parrot....Thanks for the link! People would be subscribing specifically to receive these daily emails, so unsubscribing wouldn't be an issue. Thanks Diablo for your input as well!
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    Daily emails are great.

    Many marketers are using them effectively, however, there's just one caveat:

    You can't just be straight-pitching every single day - your emails need to be valuable in their own right.

    Will you get unsubscribes?


    But I'd argue those leads were probably never going to buy from you anyway. However, you'll also get unsubscribes if you fail to warn people in advance that they're signing up to a daily email list.

    Transparency is everything.

    As for software, as others have already said: Mailchimp, Getresponse, Aweber will all easily suffice.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Dan....Thanks for the feedback! Agreed. These aren't pitch emails. These are educational emails that the subscribers have specifically asked to receive on signing up.
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