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by amro
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Someone want to exchange big email list he has with a domain name I own.

My question: if I got a big database of emails for a certain niche what can I do with them?

Direct email marketing with affiliate links? will mailchimp accept that?

or please let me know your suggestions.

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  • Hello, what's the location of these emails ?
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    I don't use Mailchimp. But I don't think that they accept it.
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    Mailchimp wont let this work man.
    MC does not even accept affiliate marketing at all.
    You would need to setup your own servers to do anything with this list.
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    How big / old is the list?

    How much is your domain worth?
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      Originally Posted by DIABL0 View Post

      How big / old is the list?

      How much is your domain worth?

      Will send you a private message with details now
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    You'd need to use Aweber or something like that, however, I wouldn't be using a list that I didn't acquire myself. You could find yourself in a lot of trouble. Only real use I see of it was to create lookalike lists etc, but even then I'd be careful.
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    Woah woah woooooah. Stop. Hold up.

    Did these subscribers agree to receive emails from you? If not, it's not your list. I don't care if you bought it or not. Emailing them is the equivalent of spam.

    Build your own list, OP.
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    Do the humans who signed up for these emails:

    - know you?
    - trust you?
    - love what you have to offer?

    Probably, not.

    So I'd send an introductory email and also, I'd expect many to unsub because none signed up for your email list or your offerings. No big deal; just part of buying a list. If I did list building I prefer to go the organic route; these people are targeted, warm and love what you do.
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    Yes, I agree with most of you. It is good to build your list than using one that you don't even know how it was generated. Also, it may be targeting people who may not be interested in what you are doing.
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    It is better not to use a list compiled not by you. You know for which niche it was compiled. Perhaps it will not be interesting to the people to whom you send letters.
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      I totally agree with you. It can only hurt.
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    You can have your own autoresponder through using a vps service and a fiverr man who installs it for you.

    so you can send to any contact you want.
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    Over the last couple of months on this forum and through some research of my own, buying an email list is not something that a beginner should do. There are individuals here that have huge success with paid lists, but they are veterans that know exactly what to do and how to do it, and how to do it within the law. If you're a newbie, I don't suggest you try unless you have the guidance from one of those individuals. Just my humble opinion.
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    MailChimp may not allow monetizing the paid lists, given the hygiene of the list you have acquired. Plus, the conversion strategy would matter, even if the contact list is targeted in your niche and you are having good delivery rates, still, since the inboxes of recipients are always swelled with the stuff if one doesn't consider conversion strategy mindfully, results may not be as great as anticipated.

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  • You have to be very careful with accepting a big email list like this for the following reasons:

    1.) You have no idea who is on the list.
    2.) You have no idea how the list was created.
    3.) The list could be non-English speaking based clients
    4.) Large Email Software companies won't allow your list inside their platform.
    5.) You could end up being accused of spamming.
    6.) The list could be fake.
    7.) No one on the list may not open your emails.

    Steer well away from the offer, if the domain is valuable, you can always try selling it on a large domain selling platform, it could be very valuable, more than you realize.

    All the best,

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    You are probably best to send a welcome email to your new list with a confirmation button so the users from the 3rd party list can be opted-in to receiving messages from you directly. This will reduce the size of the list but it will make the list of subscribers much more responsive to your future messages. How old are the users from the list? It also is helpful to know where the list came from and how you plan on re-marketing this list to make sure there is some relevant content to monetize.
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