What makes up a good email in an email campaign

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What makes up a good email in an email campaign

About to run a B2B email campaign. Financial services. We want to introduce our brand identity and philosophy. Build upon this over a period of 4-5 emails each time delivering a new featured piece of content that will be more or less the Ultimate CTA and engagement metric.

We then want to slowly introduce specific products that are relevant for the audience.

I haven't run this type of campaign, so I guess I want to make sure that I don't exclude some basic email marketing techniques.

Any suggestions of a key checklist that I should account for - Outside of the messaging?

Thanks All!
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    it all boils down to the copy. I find that short sentence copy works the best meaning 1 line per paragraph
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  • I always find that the old BBC adage is apt when creating emails to send to people.

    In other words, aim for your emails to 'Entertain, Educate and Inform'.

    Do that and people will WANT to read what you have to say and you rise head and shoulders over the majority of emails that fall into their inbox.

    Do this using stories, analogies, jokes and personal experiences.

    All the best with your efforts.
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    In line with the other posters -- Provide value upfront, make your message personal, set clear expectations, use high quality images and catchy subject line. Just a few tips for welcome type emails.
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      Wondering if anyone has encountered any issues because of this?
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        Hi Jack, I was wondering if someone has gone deep into the new GDPR legislation before proceeding to B2b campaigns especially to EU countries or maybe they have sinned lightly.

        Being in the sector I liked to give this info by asking this question to advise avoiding to buy Database Email if their cost is really too low especially if in huge quantity ...

        Indication that often it is index that email lists are not updated frequently and maybe largely expired, therefore of dubious origin.

        Hateful for those with a budget and a goal to achieve to convert.

        Thanks for your reply
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    First and foremost. you must have the permission from the email to receive advertising material. Then, the contents will make up a good email.
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    Share helpful free content about the financial services niche and deliver through email. Link to your company site or services at the end of email. Free value earns trust and with trust, your brand message becomes all the more powerful.
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    Telling stories is definitely key. Use customer case studies and testimonials. Engage your users by eliciting a response at the end of your email: if they know there's a real person at the other end listening to them that's gold, not to mention the deliverability benefits of having people reply to your emails.

    Finally, if you tease your next email at the end of the current one, you build suspense and increase open rates..
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    Have a good "welcome" message. The very first email they see is the most important. If they don't open the welcome message the odds of them opening the following messages get low.

    Of course this only works with an opt-in campaign.
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    When you say that you are about to run a B2B email campaign, what exactly does that mean / what is the main objective?

    What type of financial services?

    Is there a reason why you don't just generate leads and call them / close them?
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      I know you're very good at this, so I ask...how are you proposing to get the phone numbers to call and close? Would you be asking for a phone number on an opt-in page? Would entering the number be mandatory to opt-in or optional?

      The vast majority of opt-ins require just a name and email because it's quick and not too invasive. However, it does make sense to get a phone number if you're good at telesales.
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    What makes up a good email in an email campaign

    To address the first question, what makes up a good email, in past experience I've found that you treat the email as if you're sending to a person, not a business. Whoever is likely receiving the email is who you should appeal or entertain. Often times business emails are flooded with so many spammy offers and 'check out our product' headlines, that most people will simply ignore it.

    This brings up the first objective of your email which is, "to be opened!" No matter how well an email "is good" it won't have any effect on the reader if it's not opened in the first place. The subject line is like the headline of an advertisement. If your subject line reads "The best investment strategy for your business", it won't really ignite any appeal to see what that "best strategy" is. Eventually some will open it, but at what open percentage? 0.05%? You'd probably have to send to 2000 emails successfully to get even 1 person to open it.

    Since you're in the financial services industry let's take an example of an accountancy firm who is offering an outsourcing option for accounting services (I'm oversimplifying for sake of explanation). One of the overpowering desires of your client may be to keep up with the demands of their customers and needs a reliable and flexible accounting firm that's able to do that because it will help them deal with less headaches in administration and reduce payroll errors. You can draft up the email addressing those concerns interwoven with your brand identity and philosophy. You have to demonstrate in your email HOW your product or service will SOLVE their problem i.e. With the potential burden of thousands of employee accounts, the highest levels of anxiety felt by everyone is caused by the lunch menu. Your accounting reports reflect a reduced expense column for payroll administration and therefore budgets can be reallocated to other parts of the company to help stimulate growth. Keeping updated on boring and hard to follow payroll legislation is a distant memory and everyone is happy. (You can get creative with this adding more detail, but it's just an example).

    I'll stop here as others have already posted really good points to look for in your checklist. I hope this helps you with your other email campaigns!
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    Hey man,

    A good email in a good campaign is a tricky question.

    A good email in the pitching phase of the campaign is going to be different than the introduction email.

    So i'd say have a game plan for that campaign. Each email should have a purpose

    Introduce, help, target the ones who interacted with the help thing and make an offer to those ones
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    Keep it short, personalized, 100% on addressing the reader's pain points, and steer clear of any words that could trigger spam filters.
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    Do not forget the subject title of the email. Thus is key because the receiver will see that first and it MUST be compelling or they will not even open the email to read the content.

    Make sure the email's subject title captures the imagination so they will be curious enough to read on...
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