Should I let users fast-track through my autoresponder email series?

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The way I do autoresponders is to, with each email, send people to a blog post on my website.

Historically, those blog posts have been hidden from the rest of my blog so there was no way to find them.

But it occurs to me that it might be better to allow users to decide for themselves if they want to move through the series more quickly than my emails, which I could do by simply having a table of contents and/or previous/next links at the bottom of each post.

Seems like a more "customer-focused" approach, perhaps with downsides, but with upsides too.

Any thoughts?

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    I agree with the latter. Normally i send email out for my newest blog post, but at the same time everything on my website is available for readers to see. which is all my previous articles. and the newest post usually have links to previous articles on my website too. but i wouldn't suggest posting all the blog series all at once...after all, pple do like cliff hangers.
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    In giving the reader options, you will overwhelm them into clicking away quickly and maybe not reading anything. It will be counterproductive.

    I get your point and what you're trying to accomplish, but the "options" should only be available on the website, not an email.

    You want your emails to be focused and concise with a direct call to action. You want to guide readers down a specific focused path to do what you want them to do.

    Too many options or decisions usually lead to inaction more than action.
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  • Would your new way of doing things add to their overload?

    Is it "really" in their best interest, even if they believe so themselves? You know, we want more options but that doesn't mean it's what's best for us. (more choice = less focus)

    If they can jump ahead and around at will, would this affect your email engagement (opens and clicks)?
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    In many cases, the autoresponder functions to suggest to the recipient that the same email has been sent to everyone manually on the same day.

    Of course, that's not true and many people know that, but many people don't. In the latter case, people will take advantage of an offer because they feel as if the person is connective 'live'.

    Sometimes, it's not possible to see the difference between an email in the autoresponder series and an actual live broadcast, which gives strength the the above point.

    Rather than exploit your automation, if your business model fits it, you might wish to consider an alternative way of allowing a user to reach content they may be more interested in. You could for example set up all content on a membership site.
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    You should get a virtual training system that would quiz them each time they pass the curriculum. Can't pass? Can't move on!
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      Originally Posted by aduttonater View Post

      You should get a virtual training system that would quiz them each time they pass the curriculum. Can't pass? Can't move on!
      Oh, that would really make people want to come back to your site. I can't see anything on your site unless I meet your requirements. Good luck with that


      Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
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