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by Hesta
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Hi, I am working for a small business that has been collecting a few hundred emails from its customers either during checkout, to give them quotes or schedule services in the past year. Can I use this list to send them updates about the store, promotions and news or is this not recommended because they did not necessarily sign up for this?

Do we need to collect email addresses all over again?


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    I would say that this would be illegal, as they have not signed up for this.
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    I would send a heads up email to start so you are 100% above board.

    It's like a transition email with a very clear option to unsubscribe. When they unsubscribe, create a new list for them just to receive quotes and schedule service as always.

    1. We got your email from...
    2. We appreciate your business
    3. We would like to notify our most loyal customers about...
    4. If you do not wish to be aware of....then please click unsubscribe at the bottom.
    5. You will continue to receive quotes and schedule services as usual through this email address.

    Make the above sound less strict so it's not so serious.

    As always, note that it's never recommended to seek legal advice from a public forum...
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      Thank you I appreciate your detailed response. This is a great idea as I want to be very careful and respect customers who give us their info for a specific reason.
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    As long as you have an option to opt out then you can use these to send emails.
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    I would think as long as they have contacted you previously, or used your service you would be OK to send them promotional emails. Provided you absolutely offer them an unsubscribe option. If you think, when you go to a clothing website they often offer you a 10% off coupon in exchange for your email and then at that point you are essentially subscribed to further information from that company.
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    If you are in Europe, you should take GDPR in consideration.

    In any case, a simple email where you ask for their permission to put them on your newsletter list should do it. You will get some people that don't want to be on it, but the ones that do will really want to be there, and you will, you know, obey the law .
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    The idea of sending the transitional email message seems to be the best approach here. Plus as long as people have the choice to opt out then there shouldn't be any serious issues.
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    Hey man,

    If you're in Europe, you need their permission.

    It's basically spam, you know. So not the best idea. Especially if you go big
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