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I am sending emails to companies I want to work with from my domain email (via Gmail).

Can these end up in spam ?

I'm using Hubspot to track email opens, and haven't received any notifications yet (all 'not read') that's why I am wondering if perhaps they end up in the prospect's SPAM folder..
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    Yes, they can end up in spam.

    Did you test that your message would inbox before sending?

    You ideally want to know the domain makeup of your list(s) and create seed accounts for the domains with the highest percentage of users. Then use the seeds to test your inbox placement before sending your message.

    For many, AOL, Hotmail/Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and parent domains using the same mx, can make up as much as 80%-90% of their list. So at the very least, you should start with them and any other seed accounts you can set up or acquire.
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    Cold emailing is one of my specialty. so i allways register new domain for that as they become blacklisted very fast, something like or .xyz as they are cheap and adding email in the name make thing plausible.

    Lots of things you need to know, DKIM, SPF, what words will get you blacklisted (urgent, free, gift...)

    Good luck
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    Thanks a lot for the response. This is quite eye-opening.

    Originally Posted by DIABL0 View Post

    What exactly do you mean by creating a seed account and testing ?

    All of the emails in my 'list' are domain emails (

    Originally Posted by Yvon Boulianne View Post

    So you'd have the word 'email' in the actual domain name? Doesn't that look unnatural?

    Could you please point me to some resources where I can learn about all this?

    As I mentioned, I am very new to email marketing and from both of your responses I see it definitely makes sense to educate myself on this subject.
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    It could be that they are just ignoring your emails or their email filters just discarded your emails.
    Can you see whether the emails were delivered ? I m not familiar with tracking emails with Hubspot but I assume you can see all the stats and stuff.
    As Yvon mentioned, make sure you are not using words that can be easily flagged by spam filters.
    Diablo also touched a sensitive issue which is trying to send email to others addresses and see if it works.
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