Spam Assassin score 5.5 mail lands in spam Gmail.

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Hi so I wrote HTML email a few moments ago and I checked it spam score with SpamAssassin and it shows 5.5 spam.

See screenshot below:

basically, this is how the email looks :

Did I use too many links with an image ? or the domains I used to redirect to are crappy?
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    If you look at all the points it showing, it is because the message has no headers.

    to, from, subject, date, message-id

    Which would all exist when sending a real message body rather than just the message body.

    You could get a cheap VPS and install SpamAssassin on it and send actual messages to it and see what your score is. The score is really only valid when sending to domains that are using it.

    The ideal way to test your inbox placement is to use seeds and send your message and see if it goes to the inbox or not.
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    That error means that you have a URL/Link in message body that is blacklisted. check and monitor your domain against known blacklist network.

    - Some of those blacklist are private and does not offer information on the web or removal option you will just need to change your domain. Preferably use aged .com domains.

    Note: Gmail does not use SpamAssassin. a good SpamAssassin Score does not necessarily mean inbox to gmail. but sure it will improve your delivery to other ESP.
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    Also, based on the limited amount of information you have shared as you have redacted most of your offer, it looks very spammy.
    Discount codes, etc, all are going to have red flags from the content filters of the major ISP's.
    Consider changing a lot of your content around to be more neutral.
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