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I currently have over 120 clients all in the same industry. Many of them have asked me to start doing email marketing for them. If I use MailChimp, do I need a separate account for each client or is there a better way to do this?
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    If you just create one list per client, you can create multiple lists. I haven't used MailChimp, but I assume it works the same. If not, use another platform because they usually do this. I don't know the maximum number of lists you can have (if a limit exists?), but I would create one account with a list for each client.

    If a client wants you to start breaking down lists though or creating multiple lists for them, that could become tricky to manage under one account as you can imagine.
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    Hey man,

    U don't need a separate account, you send out broadcast when u feel like it.

    Then u can put people who interact with different topics in different lists. I wouldn't before, too much work
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    With all ESP's you'll only need the one account where you can then create one email list for each client (Audience now for MailChimp - paid account for multiple lists/audiences).

    Keep in mind though, MailChimp doesn't tolerate any internet marketing/affiliate marketing related content.

    They have an automatic system to detect this and they name it "Omnivore." Without any warning, your account will be deactivated.

    So, just keep this in mind when running other peoples emails, because you don't want one bad apple to spoil the rest. I hope this has helped.
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    Hello, there is no need for a separate account.
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    As long as you are doing inbound email marketing, MailChimp should work just fine.
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    No need for a seperate account.
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