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Hey guys is there a rule on when to send out newsletters ? or is it kinda try and check open rate and try again
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    Originally Posted by triadguy View Post

    Hey guys is there a rule on when to send out newsletters ? or is it kinda try and check open rate and try again
    Depends on your topic and audience. Online, weekly newsletters are not uncommon, some even send out DAILY newsletters. Who is the audience, how did they get on the list?

    It is always a good idea to match your newsletters to your readers and what they want. If you don't yet know, do some surveys and find out.

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    Most ESPs have an option to send a message to a user at the same time they subscribed.

    The theory behind this is simply that they were online at that time, so it is probably a good time to send.

    I've sent billions of emails (not a typo with a B) and if the above isn't possible. I have personally found that Mon-Thur 8am-2pm EST and 7pm-11pm EST has produced the most open, clicks, and conversions.

    Fridays are typically the worst. Weekends can be OK but can be hit or miss. If you do send over the weekend, you can get a bump on Monday from those that didn't open until then.
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      Although I have not sent out billions of emails (seriously impressive!), I agree with the timings here. They work for most social media posts. Many media outlets can also support these optimal times.

      I do think it depends on your content. If you have a 10 page technical newsletter that goes out once a week, your followers will want to read that during a quiet time when they have lots of time to relax and read ie. not during the day. Compare that to an IG or FB post of 5-minute YT clip that can be seen at anytime.

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    While late-morning send times were the most prominent by and large, a few reasoned that the best time to send messages is at 10 a.m. Another prominent time is 11 a.m. 8 p.m.- midnight: I wager you didn't anticipate that one. It would appear that messages by and large get more opens and snaps later at night.
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    Most companies send out monthly newsletters. This is so that they don't clatter their audience' inbox with garbage that they aren't able to read anyway. If they send weekly or daily newsletters, people will most likely unsubscribe themselves from your list because of the bulk of emails they are receiving from you.
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    I recently saw an IG post from a big time influencer who knows all about posting times, content, engagement, hashtags, algorithms etc. The game is always changing. The algorithms are always shifting, so one has to experiment and see what is currently working.

    He made a powerful point that not many of his 5 million followers understand or actually practice. His post says "watch what I do, not what I say". His posts are not focused on growing an IG following, but he has a very large IG following of really passionate fans.

    So, he advised followers to 1. Watch the times he makes his posts (it's not random) and 2. Watch his hashtag strategy. He's not using hashtags the way he used to because IG has changed their algorithm and users need to adjust...but many have not.

    Watch what successful people do and model them.....although I'm still hung up on Diablo's BILLIONS of emails!!! haha
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    I've never bothered with "best send times" or days. What I do after every email is end with "Coming up next..." and a compelling related topic summary with an engaging email subject title.

    When done like this, readers are more likely to anticipate and open emails out of sheer curiosity rather than some fancy timed algorithm. Beats the competition all-to-hell.

    You really should also give subscribers expectations of email frequency at the time when they sign up or with the confirmation message..
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    In my experience, 10 am is the best time to send out an email campaign!
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