best email marketing software for 2019

by papi70
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Hi, i have to purchase an email marketing software today. I've been shopping around and I'm liking GetResponse but damn it's expensive. Anyone have some good advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you
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    Check out if you are simply looking for something low cost.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
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    MailChimp is probably one of the most popular around.
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    If your doing any marketing don't use mail chimp, their TOS forbids marketing emails. You'll just get shut down.

    If you're looking for a one off fee instead of monthly use In Boxing Pro.

    Otherwise get response is pretty darn good.
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    Well, depends what you want it for - are you building a mailing list, or attempting to sell something to cold prospects on a list you bought

    If price is an issue and you're trying to build a list, I'd highly recommend Aweber - $19/month, and that's before the first one (which you get free).

    If you're looking to send cold emails there's Scopeleads, which is also dear. That said, there's always doing it organically, which I've done in the past - time-consuming as hell, but it can still work
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    mailchimp are best email marketing software
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    I would go for Mailchimp.
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  • As Harry said, it depends on what you are using it for.

    I'm not a fan of Mailchimp for business use - BUT if you are doing something super simple like sending out a monthly newsletter, it would be fine.

    My thoughts on email platforms:


    I personally prefer Aweber. ConvertKit is also decent.


    For SMBs that are not selling products online, I recommend Hatchbuck. You get a ton of features including a CRM, full-blown marketing automation, etc and it's affordable

    For companies that sell products (digital or physical), I like ActiveCampaign.


    I like Mailshake for cold email. Don't try to send cold emails via a non-cold email platform.
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    Thanks everybody.. i've made my choice... DIABLO suggested Mailerlite, I CHECKED IT OUT.. It seemed very legit, I signed up for my free 1 month and have been playing and tweeking all day!! So far it is really impressing me. It's doing what GetResponse did for me at half the price. Like I said, so far so good!!!
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    Stick with Mailerlite. It is simply the best email marketing platform I've come across moreover It is one of the cheapest newsletter tools.
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    It depends on what you're looking for.

    Mailterlite gets the job done for email newsletters, broadcast, and autoresponders. You also have pop-ups

    Yes, Mailchimp is pricier - but with it comes useful features such as a CRM, tagging, segmenting and more. In fact, one of the things I like about MailChimp is that you can easily track which emails you sent generated revenues from your shopping cart. From there, it's easy to create cart abandonment emails, action triggered emails and more.

    End of the day, depends on what you really need. Some features may look neat, but you probably need to weigh how useful they are.
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    klaviyo is best.
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    MailChimp is the best email promoting software package.
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    I suggest mail chimp is best for marketing
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    Well i use getresponse and it dont seems so expensive for me, for example aweber its more expensive .Also i dont recomend you mailchimp i think you will be disapointed
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    Try interspire email marketer. We have been using it from quite sometime now and been very happy.
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    first evaluate your number of subscribers and number of mails you would be sending out per month;
    if its on the low side of subscdribes below 2k and mails below 10K, mailchimp free account could be your best choice.

    Hope that helps
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  • HI
    #1 ActiveCampaign. Best overall email marketing tool.
    #2 Constant Contact. Best for no-frills email marketing.
    #3 SendinBlue. Best for transactional email & developers.
    #4 Hubspot.
    #5 Ontraport.
    #7 Benchmark.
    #8 GetResponse.
    #9 Sendlane.
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    Both Zoho campaigns and MailChimp are the best for email marketing.
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    Best Emailing Software for 2019

    1. Sarbacan
    2. AWeber
    3. Active Trail
    4. MailerLite
    5. Moosend
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    I know you mentioned you've been trying out Mailerlite but I would suggest Convertkit. I don't suggest Mailchimp, although it depends what you are using it for. But either way I suggest Convertkit.'
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    There are many software available for the email marketing software that is used by top organizations and also by the small organization. All it depends on your need and what you actually want.
    It's been a long time I used the MailChimp for the email marketing and it was the best software I was like. You can also use Zoho for the same.
    I suggest you do some R&D before choosing the one.
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    Very interesting advices here. Will try this.
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    I use GetResponse with my blog and it is honestly super easy to use, I am not a tech genius but this platform is literally drag and drop!
    Make Passive Income Online Easily!
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    I am using MailChimp. It is the best software
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    I have been using Aweber and got very good results. I was advised by a friend to try MailChimp but I can't say anything about it since I am yet to try it out. I hear it is cheap but I am not certain how effective it is.
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    Thanks everybody for the super great responses you've all supplied..
    I've studied and looked at every single email provider you've suggested and at the end of the day, i went with Mailerlite.. I've been playing with it for 1 week and I've tried out their customer support and so far all is amazing. I suggest everyone to consider these guys. I'm serious unless you're okay with spending double for the big boys (MailChimp, GetResponse...) Mailerlite does it all (with a few less features perhaps that most people don't really use anyways) for half price!! And again Customer Support is AWSOME!!
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