Marketing to a non-buyer email list (6 months old)

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What or how does one market to a 6 month+ old list that didn't buy but hasn't been re-marketed to? Should I clean my list of these individuals? Is it a dead list?
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  • Have you thought about re-engaging them with a fine piece of content?

    Sorry I haven't been in touch...blah blah blah... let me make it up to you with...great content...blah blah blah...
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      Originally Posted by Declan O Flaherty View Post

      Have you thought about re-engaging them with a fine piece of content?

      Sorry I haven't been in touch...blah blah blah... let me make it up to you with...great content...blah blah blah...
      Hello Declan

      I think that's just sooo boring, it wouldn't prompt me to open your email since I'v most likely forgotten who you are anyway after 6 months. I would use something different to attract their attention then get them involved in reading your email, so something a bit funny and wacky like this:

      Subject: I'v Been To Mars But I'm Back Now

      Then an intro like this:

      "Some people would give you all the excuses under the sun as to why they havn;t been in contact for 6 months, some might even tell you fibs to explain their absence.

      I won't do that, I'll just tell it like it is.

      I'v been to Mars for the last 6 months and I didn't realize my WiFi connection wouldn't work there. And then the Martians wanted so many marsdollars for their intergalactic broadband services that it was out of this world.. I actually did write to you but then found their MartianMail takes about a 1000 years to reach earth, so you just may not get it.

      But I'm back now so can keep in touch again. (then lead into some earth news re your offer or whatever)"

      So something like that if your game! lol.

      We are always doing things that others might think are very wacky but get us great results. We are a large family owned UK Agency with over US$20 Million annual turnover, so you would suspect that we would be fairly serious in our approach to clients.

      But one of our weekly communications with our clients is a short video that I make each week called the Blonde Effect. It has nothing at all to do with business. I'm the CEO and figurehead of our Agency, I also have long blonde hair, so the Blonde Effect is me reading and reacting to blonde jokes, most sent in by our clients. It's fun to do but more importantly has an average view rate of 97%. For us it's about building very close personal relationships with our clients. Most business's are fairly faceless but our clients know my name and feel they know me in a variety of ways. Ones like Richard Branson of Virgin, and Mark Zukenberg of Facebook also act as the face of their companies.

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    Before you think about re engaging them, use a verification and cleaning service in order to maintain your email reputation and to maintain good delivery.

    The best service (Also one of the more expensive ones) is Email Oversight. (I am not affiliated with them), simply making a public recommendation.

    Once you have cleaned and reverified your list, I would recommend reaching out and appologize for it being so long, but that you are reaching out again to get back in touch, etc etc etc.

    You might want to consider opting them in again or giving them an easy way to opt out from that first email as well, so you do not piss anyone off.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re-engage. Get the ball rolling again. Hit refresh.

    Originally Posted by onlyoneyouneed View Post

    What or how does one market to a 6 month+ old list that didn't buy but hasn't been re-marketed to? Should I clean my list of these individuals? Is it a dead list?
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    You can do a few things,

    You can re build them up by starting a 30 day re vamp, over content deliver value ask for feedback and see how "dead this list is"

    Or, create a piece of value content, another opt in page see how many jump over and follow through.

    wake that list up and get to work

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    You should sign up a free trial of email validation and clean up service such as MailboxValidator and then submit a sample of database. If the bad email rate is high, I would suggest you to run the test in full swing to remove bad emails.
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    Agreed, EmailOversight is a good tool to use if you want to re-engage users. Make sure they are still active users and send them a new announcement or upcoming deal on a product. There is still potential to re-market to old users as long as there is some relevance to the content you are distributing.
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    Six months isn't a big deal. I would clean the data and start mailing it.
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    Thank you for making this thread. I have the same problem and it has been very helpful to read the replies. I am new to the forum, but am so grateful for the Warriors here! I think I may have finally found a place to get help and then give back!
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    you could also make a video of yourself and send it to this list and explain your situation in there, however I like the suggestion from Lindy above , this is a fun way to do it
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  • Surely it is not dead list. Potential customers are seeking at any corners so it is worth the try.
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    I run a small nonprofit that works with K-12 students and teachers. We have a list of about 1,200 (general donors and supporters) and a list of 5,000 teachers and educators that were developed over many years. However, the organization basically stopped operation for several years and I am now trying to revive it.

    Our lists have not been emailed to in over 3 years and I am trying to figure out how to clean the lists and then email subscribers to let them know our services are available again.

    We were using Vertical Response before, but they will not allow us to email our lists because they are over 6 months old.

    I really don't want to spam or get black listed, but I need to figure out some way to salvage many contacts as possible.

    Thanks for any advice you have. I have read through other posts similar to this, but most lists seem to be much newer than the ones I am dealing with.

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