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Free email providers - Gmail, Yahoo,, etc, are all powered by ad revenues. However, seeing inbox ads (whether targeted or not) can be quite intrusive, and personally I feel like these ads are tracking down what I'm typing and who I'm sending to, and since I'm using, I'm paying for Office 365 Personal just so I get the premium ad-free experience.

Does anyone else like or dislike the idea of ad banners in your inbox? Do you feel like your privacy is, loosely, violated?
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    I have both Gsuite (paid Gmail) and Gmail accounts that I mainly use for sending/receiving mail. There is never any in my inbox (primary tab) with either. Gmail (free) has them in the social and promotions tab. They have never bothered me in any way.
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    I believe Google tried doing this for a few weeks and then removed it.
    Another way to easily leave it alone is to use an email client instead.
    If your concerned about privacy, you should avoid using all google services.
    It comes down to convenience, do you want a good user experience at the price of giving up all your data and habits, or do you want to use a bunch of non integrated services and have your privacy, its really a matter of personal preference.
    I find myself in a hybrid of both.
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