If you give someone a free trial to your course, how would you follow up with them?

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I did some restructuring of my website. I have 7 courses available for sale, and then I have an "all access pass" for sale too which gives access to everything.

I offer a free trial for the all access pass, which accomplishes:

1.) They can browse the content to see if they like it, or what suits them

2.) I get them onto my email list

Now, regarding #2. I'm wondering how I would go about setting up a follow up email sequence since I already showed them all that I have to offer.

Prior to setting up my site like this, most of my sales came from people setting up a "free membership" and then upgrading to "full access" . Very little of my "selling" happened through email marketing.

Now, since I have things set up a little differently, I will have to do most of my "selling" via email marketing. So I'm just looking for ideas as to how to do that.

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    I suggest that you restructure the course. We have plenty of experts here who can help you tailor the course so that those who get access to the trial version will yearn to have access to the premium version.
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  • Feed them portions of the content in your courses that give value to them. Just don't give it all away. Then let them know they can get more valuable information by buying the full course.
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    Your Follow up email sequence should be like that

    1) First of all you need to remind your subscribers that their free trial has been finished and they need to upgrade their account in order to continue.

    This message is very powerful since lots of people don t already know that their membership has been expired so it will send them a notification or a piece of information to take further action in order to continue........

    2) In the 2nd message I will suggest you to give some sort of 10% off discount so more and more people can subscribe your membership....
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  • I thought with all those courses you would have an almost infinite amount of things to talk about inside your emails.

    Look, people don't give a shit about your products - they care about what happens AFTER they consume your products. Talk about that.

    What if you were selling sugar or salt via email? What would you talk about then?

    The myth is that your emails are about the 'thing' you are selling. That's not the case at all. Some of my best producing emails had nothing to do with marketing or creating an online business.

    Out of 7 courses, I'd imagine you have at least 7000 things to pluck out and talk about.

    I bet something interesting happened to you yesterday that had absolutely nothing to do with your products, but can easily be used to write an interesting email. I also bet that you could use that story to segue into your offer. Because the way it is, you have 7 courses with prob'ly 7000 pieces of advice - surely any of those pieces could be used in some way in a story-based email.

    Talk about your own business. Talk about how you used this tactic and that strategy. Talk about how others are doing this wrong and have that backwards. Talk about the time you got chucked out of a nightclub for dancing on the tables.
    How to Stand Out and
    Get to Uniqueness

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