Warming Up new IP/Domain?

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Hey everyone. I got a server setup at linode with a good IP and new domain using mailwiz. All spk, dkim and dmarc are good.

Mail-checker shows a score of 10/10

However I sent a test email to one of my gmail accounts and it went to spam.

I was wondering if anyone uses a service of some kind to warm up new emails like this to get them out of spam?
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    i adivce you send same mail to yahoo.com and see if it goes to sperm, for gmail your ip need to have some reputation before it start inboxing ,since its a new ip, you need to warm it up first otherwise all mails goes to sperm for gmail , that is the reason you need to start first with yahoo and other mailing service as this will get you ip warm up and gives it some reputation

    by the way where did you purchase your i from
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