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by butbul
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I need software that can:
  1. Send email broadcasts across multiple tags within 1 blast
  1. Merge custom "contact owner" information into the emails that get sent out and send the emails from the "contact owner's" email
  1. Send those emails through a service like Sendgrid or Elastic Email

We're currently using Infusionsoft for this but are not psyched about the deliverability, hence using a service like Sendgrid where we can get dedicated IP addresses and get really granular with settings.
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    Salesloft is the gold standard for managing email campaigns, but expensive and generally only sold to entire sales teams. I'd recommend SendinBlue. The other popular alternative is MailChimp, but it's four times more expensive for basically the same thing.
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    Yeah as Forster mentioned, Salesoft (and Microsoft Dynamics 365) are the gold standard in email marketing CRMs, but are usually sold to enterprises. MailChimp, yes is a very popular alternative and comes in both free and paid options so you will have to carefully evaluate which software to use.
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    Zoho is the best Email Marketing CRM Software. Just try this.

    Here are also another good and reliable "Email Marketing CRM Softwares"

    HubSpot CRM
    Salesforce Essentials
    Nimble CRM
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    Salesforce Integration With MailChimp

    If the sales graph of your company could be a concern; you would possibly think about having a tool that has access to leads, varied exclusive reports, and manage of these leads. The MailChimp integration with Salesforce CRM is that the account you. you'll be able to add the client profiles, membership, subscription from MailChimp to your Salesforce. This provides you the snapshots of recent activity within the MailChimp account. These snapshots are supported the campaign report and statistics of conversion throughout the campaign.
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    I use Zoho as well, and while I don't find it to be the most intuitive, the cost, support, and overall experience makes it my continued choice for keeping in touch with my clients and managing many other aspects of my business.
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    I want to extract data (data includes media - photos, videos etc) from my CRM, transfer it to say; HubSpot and auto-populate an email/edm template. Planning to create an automated email blast campaign after.

    Once the data has been extracted into e.g. HubSpot, I want it to help me automatically translate and auto-populate my email/edm template. What software options out there that can do this for me?

    Please help!
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    Hello, warriors, Thank you for your question. Technology trifecta - CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation - exist for that reason. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity work by 34% and accuracy of sales forecasting by 42%. 81% of small and medium-sized merchants still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel. The nucleus research study found that marketing automation software sales increased productivity by 14.5%. I have not found it to be the most intuitive, the cost, support and overall experience of it all make it a constant choice to keep in touch with my clients and manage many other issues in my business.

    Best regards
    Golam Mostafa.
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