Best Email List Management Tool?

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Hey all,

I will make this short and sweet.

What is the best list management program that has the lowest probability of getting marked as spam?

I am managing a client's list right now and the platform they are using (snapretail) automatically gets flagged as a spam by gmail, regardless of content

Just wanted to see what you all thought
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    What you need to do is improve your deliverability (domain email score) . . .

    If most emails go into spam folders, then your deliverability will decrease, and that's a downward spiral.

    But if most of your emails get opened, then your deliverability increases getting even more of your emails into inboxes, and it's an upward spiral.

    So what you need to do is make sure your list is clean (use a good list-cleaning service, recommended by your mailing-list management system), then move any subscriber who hasn't opened any emails for a month or so, to another list where you only contact them once every few months, asking them if they would still like to receive emails from you. That way your deliverability will improve continually.

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