How many people unsubscribe from your email listing?

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Not everyone likes reading marketing-related emails especially if they arrive either infrequently or if they stack up against your recipient's personal emails.

So my question is on the title - how many people unsubscribe from your email listing?

And if they unsubscribe, how do we mitigate unsubscribers? What methods would you employ to decrease such, and increase conversions?
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    From my previous experience 2-3 unsubcribers from 500 subscribers. It was the specific list because we provided development services for Magento sites. I did nothing to mitigate unsubscribers.
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    From my personal experience, 5-6 unsubscribers from 500 subs.
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    People are going to unsubscribe from your email list. It's sad, but it's guaranteed to happen. No matter how great your email marketing is, you're not going to retain 100 percent of your subscribers. Studies have placed the average unsubscribe rate between 0.19 percent and 0.52 percent per email sent.
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  • It depends.

    I'd be worried if people weren't unsubscribing.

    I want people either moving towards me, or away from me, the last thing I want is for them not to move at all. Who you don't want on your list is just as important as who you do want on your list.

    The important thing to know, is "why" they are unsubscribing.

    If it's because they don't like my opinions, or because I swear, as an example, then that's exactly what I want to happen. So it depends.
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    Not as many as I delete.

    I'd rather have them unsub than be dead weight.

    If they don't open after a certain time (depends on the list) they get trashed.
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    I don't think the mailing is useful. Already many refuse it
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    from my experience 3-5 unsubscribers.
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    On avg, i think somewhere around 5%. It was more than that before. So, we reduced the frequency of our newsletters and emails. It is also helpful to know if the subscribers you are getting really interested in reading your content? I mean what they were expecting to get in the email or newsletter. May be they subscribed from an ebook landing page and were expecting more ebooks, but instead you sent them some promotional email.
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    I think the General email marketing procedure not work, many of them unsubscribe and mark as spam.
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      It works well if you add more value and focus more on building relationships than shoving affiliate links to them every time. They sometimes need some valuable content.
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      You mean, when you do email marketing it does not work.

      Because, last time I did it, nobody marked me as spammer. A few did unsubscribe. But that is ok: not everybody thinks things through right away.

      OP, how do you mitigate?

      You align your intake better; i.e, your offer and the first email match.
      Originally Posted by gkdhaka View Post

      I think the General email marketing procedure not work, many of them unsubscribe and mark as spam.
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    so far I had two people who unsubscribe from my email list.

    To make people trust you and also look forward in opening up your emails. You have to focus on adding more value to them, educate them with good content and don't forget to let them know about your world by being personal.

    Schedule your daily emails in a balance sequence, For example; send out two Content emails every week maybe on Monday and Friday. Then two Promotional emails on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Lastly send out Relationship emails on Thursday and Sunday.

    This is a method I use to make my subscribers look forward to read my emails.
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    I don't try and mitigate unsubscribes.

    I've been mailing for over 19 years and the simple truth is that the major of your subscribers will never convert. So if someone wants to unsubscribe (for whatever reason) that's fine with me. Those that unsub, I can pretty much guarantee you that they were probably never going to convert in the first place.
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    This its a thing you cannot avoid .You should try to deliver as much as you can .Also people if they see that you want to sell them they unsubscribe .So you need to find a way to not seem so sales man
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