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hey everybody,

what are your opinions on solo ads?
do you think they are worth it?
I have had a few successful runs in the past but nothing major compared to other sources.

What are your opinions?
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  • I'm a bit impartial on solo ads. I've seen them used successfully in the past, but as of now, I'm not sure of their effectiveness.

    I've also read a few threads here where members will bash solo ads because they deemed the quality of traffic to be subpar or even fraudulent. Sites like Udimi can help circumvent these aspects in some regards as members can leave reviews of their experiences and rate the quality of the sellers.

    Ultimately, it probably depends on the vertical you're promoting. I've seen it be effective in 'make money online' type programs/promotions.

    I will admit, I haven't been up to date with the prices of solo ads lately, either. Last I checked, about 0.75 cents a click seemed to be the average. Assuming this has gone up, I'd say you'd have to consider that as well and compare it to other ways of promoting your business, as well as determine the risk with using solo ads versus the risk of using a more trusted traffic source--as well as other aspects of the two.
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    It mostly depends on the list you are sending to.

    You can burn through a lot of money finding subscribers who will actually engage with your follow-ups.

    You need to segment out openers and clickers to build a responsive list from all the trained freebie seekers.

    The majority of Udimi subscribers will never open your follow-ups and there are a lot of very "shady" vendors on the platform. You need to seek out and test a lot of other vendors.
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    In the past (3-4 years ago), solo ads was very hot. Many people was using solo ads as traffic source to drive visitors to their squeeze pages. I also was using solo ads to build my list and promote products, but later as time went, solo ads started to decrease in quality, because more and more people had the same leads in their lists, many people killed the lists because they was selling solo ads and sending even 10 email per day to the same people.

    Now solo ads are not so popular, maybe some guys who treating their lists very good still selling solo ads and their traffic converts, but I am sure you won't find 100 very high quality clicks for $0.3 per clicks as it was years ago.

    But the simple and short answer to your question would be: TRY
    Just try and you will see how it converts and you will surely know if its worth or not.
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    I think there was a time when solo ads were hot, and one of the best ways to build up a list of engaged subs.

    Now I just don't get why they are even relevant. Most solo ad sellers are asking 50 cents or more per click, and you don't really know HOW THEY built their own list.

    Ya know where I can get clicks cheaper than 50 cents that are for the most part not fraudulent? Pretty much every ad network out there, FB, TW, Google, all of the native ad networks, even outbrain is sub 50 cents.

    Fishing around for a good solo ad is just a waste of time unless you find someone with an absolute killer list. But even then I'd go to dedicatedemails.com or arcamax
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    I've used solo ads in the past with mixed results.

    Best thing to do is test with a small order to see how the vendor's list responds to your offer.

    If all goes well come back with a larger order and continue testing.

    If it doesn't go well just move on to another vendor.
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    you really need to have a great, a superb awesome product funnel in order to use solo ads and making a profit from it otherwise you will get broke nowadays as fast as possible..
    So I would not try it if you are not 100% sure that your product and funnel and email follow ups are absolutely high quality
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    I think its pretty over saturated traffic. Not all solo ads are bad, but I think most of it is dead traffic.

    Years back it was better than it is today. It really depends on the vendor. And most of them are just there to sell clicks, not quality traffic.

    Solo ads though are one of my last options of building traffic. The leads I've generated are always the most inactive, compared to generating leads via other options.

    There are much, much better ways to generate traffic. Youtube, facebook, PPC are better options than solo ads.
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    I agree, it's very hard to find traffic which converts, but keep trying
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    I've been looking in to them lately but the prices seem really high compared to other paid traffic.

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    I have used them in the past and they can work if you have a good funnel in the im or mmo niche.

    However, per every purchase I made only a very small percentage of the subscribers opened their messages.

    You have to clean and segment your list regularly. I prefer other methods of getting traffic which give me a much better ROI.

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    It all comes down to list segmentation, marketing and management.

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    Try and find a way to get on the solo ad providers list and see what they send.

    I did this a couple of years back and lots of cooked stuff goes on.

    The one I remember the most was of a provider that was a pretty woman in her 20's.

    She would send a mailing with four links and would always say to check the links because one was a gift for everyone or something along those lines. Don't remember it word for word.

    Anyway, three of the links went to an offer and one would take you to a pic of her / usually scantily clothed.

    No lie, that's what all her mailings were.
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    A lot of vendors build their lists using solo ads themselves.

    So a lot of these lists are like a giant cesspool.

    You have to eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds in order to get quality leads.

    It can work, you just need to do a lot of testing and be relentless with your follow ups.
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    Solo ads can be hit and miss, you need to do your research and confirm the vendor you want to buy from has a good track record before buying - there are plenty out there. Your opt-in rates depend mainly on your landing page - it needs to be a squeeze page and needs to give something of value in return for the email address clean, clear, concise and simple - not busy, confusing, long winded and complicated.
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