How to import email addresses from ebay

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Is there any shortcut way to import emails from ebay? We used to just do the paypal import but since they changed we've had to copy and paste from each sale and it's very time consuming.
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    Ebay automatically sends emails to your customers at each stage of the buying process and you can customize them. These people did not opt into a list, they just made a purchase so you should not be sending them emails outside of ebay.

    Although you can probably add a link to an optin page with your ebay emails. that way you have a list of people that actually want your emails. Check with ebay first


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    If you use file exchange you can get the email address from any purchases within the last 14 days
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    I have no idea what exactly you are doing, but if it is just simple cut/paste from data you are getting online.

    The first thing I would want to know is if there is an API that you can access the data with an just use a custom script to accomplish it.

    If not, you could hire a programmer and have them write a program that just automates the process that you are doing by hand.

    I'm really big on automating tedious tasks and have developed many custom programs/scripts. Definitely the way to go if there is no off-the-shelf solution.
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