How can I effectively use this email address list to engage prospects? Can social media help?

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I have a list of over 10,000 email addresses collected organically from the website. They were collected over the past several years using single opt-in. The open rate on emails to this list is typically less than 10%.

I have now switched to a different email app (ESP) and am now using a double opt-in system on the website. I am reluctant to add bad email addresses into the new email app.

How can I effectively use this email address list to communicate with prospects? Is there a way to use social media to connect with prospects from this list? (For most records, I have first name, email address, and IP address; for a smaller subset I have additional information like city, state, zip code etc.)

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    If you haven't emailed them for a few years, the response rate will be low . . . I know this because I have the same problem . . . a good list (mostly buyers) but I haven't emailed for 2 or 3 years, so my open rate was only 2.6%.

    Firstly, make sure your list is "cleaned". There are two stages to this . . . firstly you need to remove any subscribers who "bounce" (where the email delivery is rejected) or who are blacklisted for various reasons. There are many different list-cleaning services which will remove these emails for you, BUT I recommend asking your email management system to recommend one . . . I paid for list cleaning, but my email management system still said that the list "needs cleaning".

    The second stage is to send emails for about a month, and move anyone who doesn't open anything, to a separate list where you ask them, only once every few months, if they still want to receive emails from you. Doing that will improve your deliverabilty, so your open and click rates should go up.

    Hope that helps !

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