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There are two kinds of newsletters, a paid one, and a "free" one.
Years ago, I heard about this Insurance man, who had a heart attack.
His doctor told him he'd need to take a year sabbatical.
So, he told his secretary, "I'm gonna take a year off, you're in charge."
So, the first thing she did was write a letter saying "George is taking a year off, but no worries, I'm the one who takes care of things around here anyway. Let me know if you need anything done."
Well some folks called her about changing this or that regarding their policy or policies.
And... before long, something came up regarding new policies or new rates or something "new" and she wrote a letter informing his clients of the changes, and some folks called and bought more insurance.
Every time something "new" came up, she dropped a letter. And folks bought more and more insurance for their needs.
After a year... George came back to work and lo and behold, his book of business was something like TEN TIMES BIGGER than when he left.
It took him a few weeks of being totally baffled as to WHY HIS BUSINESS GREW without him being around.
He finally figured out that it was all due to his secretary mailing out all those letters, keeping everyone apprised of "new" things, "new" options, or whatever she thought they should know.
Essentially she turned his insurance business into A NEWSLETTER BUSINESS.
Do you see the point here?
They are only going to buy from you for one of three reasons:
ONE: They like you.
TWO: They are convinced you've got a good deal.
THREE: They were going to buy this crap anyway, and you just showed up at the right time.

If you take your business, and put on the "newsletter" publisher mentality... you'll strike one or more of those THREE powerful selling motives sooner or later. In other words -- YOUR BUSINESS WILL GROW.
Now, don't wait until you have a heart attack to implement this strategy.
Crank out your stories. Your reasons why. What's new butter cup? What's new?
This "newsletter" mentality can be used in almost any business. Not just insurance.
Ever been to Trader Joe's? They stuff a catalog in your hands that has something like 1,000 words per page selling almond butter and coconut oil. Trader Joe's is in the "newsletter" business, with all that information 'bout their products.

Now regarding a PAID NEWSLETTER... it's based on information that's so valuable, they pay to get it and it offers the perfect excuse to SELL ON THE BACK END, over and over again.

You can send out your newsletter by old fashion snail mail, by video email, text messages, webinars, so many ways these days, but the idea is the same... keep cranking out the messages because eventually, you'll be "likeable" "convincing" or you'll show up at the right time.
Just thinking.
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    Email marketing has stiff competition in the form of push notifications

    Still, email marketing has enough features and 'hooks' for it to be the hands down choice for SERIOUS marketers
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    Email newsletters are a great way to convert prospects into customers. Depending on your product and the price you sell it for, it can be a main income source. It can be a driving traffic machine for Youtube views and monetization, blog subscribers and CPA income, and of course product sales. Email marketing still works and i'm sure those who do it with good results would agree.
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    HOW TO MAKE $25,000 A YEAR PUBLISHING NEWSLETTERS... an old book from the 70's.

    Don't let the "$25K" fool you...

    $25,000 in the 70's might be the same as $250,000 in today's dollars.

    (BRIAN SHEEHAN is the author.)

    The "newsletter" model is still a hot model.


    Even though a ton of information is so-called "free"... there are still entire markets that will pay for your insights.

    I once knew a guy who created this book on RUST (everything you ever wanted to know about rust and then some)... he sold the book for a high price. Folks who owned big expensive boats were his customers. They had to deal with RUST right now.

    From the dust jacket of Sheehan's book:

    * How to choose a BIG MONEY newsletter topic in moments... one that cannot fail.
    * How to guarantee that your newsletter will bring you the large, steady income you want.
    * How your newsletter will save you substantial money in tax payments.
    * How to minimize expenses and skyrocket profits!
    * How to publish newsletters on a part-time basis -- and still earn a big five-figure income!

    * How to put together a money-making newsletter without doing any of the actual writing!
    * How to turn your small newsletter operation into a giant publishing company!
    * How to have your business set up and ready-to-go in less than a month!
    * How to plan your hours so you have to work only 12 weeks out of the entire year!

    Don't fear saying "too much" ... what you need to fear, is not saying "enough". You see, in the absence of information, we tend to assume the worst.

    Just thinking

    Linwood Austin, Marketing Consultant and Business Loans Available. Phone: 801-895-9598

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