When your cold email gets rejected

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Anyone from sales know this - once they hit send on their email, they immediately get a response saying, "I'm not interested" or something. It's common response, so what do you do to get a positive response? How do you convince your customer to agree to a meeting?
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    Well, to get a response like, "I'm not interested" may result from any number of reasons, including:

    1. You are talking about yourself, instead of talking about them and what they want
    2. You've picked the wrong list to email to
    3. You haven't respected the idea of "opt-in"
    4. You're not offering anything of value
    5. You haven't done your homework to determine if they're an ideal prospect

    This is not a comprehensive list, but if you tackle these 5 areas you're more likely to get warmer responses.

    And I would ask you, how do you differentiate between a "cold email" and SPAM (not the canned kind).

    All the best,

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    I assume you are talking about B2B. I mainly promote B2C, but in the past when I have done it.

    I don't ever try and pitch something. I just try and find the right question to ask them, which will most likely generate a positive response and get the conversation started.

    Mice are drawn to cheese, they just can't resist it. So what are the prospects that you are mailing to cheese?

    My core business is generating leads. So if I was contacting dentists for example, I know one of the most profitable aspects of their business is crown work. So I would ask if they are looking for leads from people that are interested in getting crown work done.

    Which should likely generate more positive responses or at least something neutral, than just straight-up no's and get the conversation of possibly buying leads started.

    Anyway, that's what I use to do.
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    Well, it depends on how and what you wrote in the email...

    Feel free to give more info.

    Because I may be able to help you rewrite the mail if there's an issue
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  • In that situation you have only a single shot to at least make him think to give you a chance for further conversation. I would try with asking him if there's something bothering him about the offer and that way convince him - it is not that bad that he thinks. At least nobody suffered after trusting me in the past,so make sure you won't play with his initial concerns if he becomes a customer.
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    I have a strategy that eliminates people that will say no or can't afford what I'm selling. If you have to convince anyone of anything in sales that means your marketing and lead generation is lacking. It's all about the message. If your cold email message does prompt a person to take the action you desire, they will not figure it out on their own. Know that your message is not going to speak to everyone. Focus on those that your message is specifically for and use conversational language.
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    I think your email scrapping is week. Collect the data of your target audience than send mails.
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    You shouldn't be trying to convince your customer of anything .You should be giving th value i.e solutions.Try polling and surveying your audience and then use the feed back to help you customize emails .
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    Very interesting.
    Didn't even know what cold emails were!
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    Not really. just scrub your list. make sure they are upto date with hard bounces. make a good copy with enough reward and you are done. Keep in mind the bigger targeted list you have got the more money you ll make.

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    Cold emailing should be carried out with a proper strategy. When you are convincing your client about your product or services, then it is very important to highlight the point on difference between your service and another. You have to show their qualities also and explain them how that qualities can become more enhanced after availing your service or product.

    To convince your customer for purchasing a product, be patient and timely followup them through mails. Make sure you get them feel about their appreciation in your company is good.

    Thank you.
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    This is why I segment and automatically remove leads that have not opened an email in the last 30 days. Lead cost and lead generation is nothing to me. I look at it as managing a database. People that are in anyway negative or don't engage are automatically removed. WHY bother with them.

    Next don't read what people send you as a reply on your autorseponder. It will drive you to drink. I dont think there is any magic re-engagement email sequence that work with truly cold leads.

    Good lick

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    Try again with different way to talk to them. Maybe they don't know you yet
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    If the prospect responds at all (except unsubscribe request), there may be a level of interest to explore in the future. Keep providing value relevant to your offer such as product demo video links, industry news, testimonials, etc.

    What I do also is send product information by postal mail, and maintain phone contact. It often happens that a prospect will call me for an appointment, order, or even provide a referral. Building long-term business relationships is essential, particularly in competitive markets.
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