How often do you email your list?

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Do you email every day religiously? A few times a week? Once a week?

What frequency has worked in everyone's business?
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    It totally depends upon the fact what kind of business/site do you run? Is it a blogging site, that is publishing daily content on their site and is always covering the latest trends then yes it MIGHT help in emailing daily. If you are selling some sort of product or providing any service then I think daily is a bad idea, weekly - okay you can try, fortnightly - Yep, definitely,

    Monthly - Send your best content. Everything needs to be top-notch and creative to pull one for opening the email.
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      I agree. There's too much content out there that's just thrown together and everyone is betting on playing the numbers game. In my previous experience, you gotta lead with quality.

      John Peters | Copywriter

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    I email every day, 7 days a week. Providing relevant and quality content on a consistent basis is essential. The battle for attention is increasingly competitive and brutal.
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    It depends on the list.

    Some I do 3 times per week. Some once per week, but follow up every other day with those that didn't open. Some multiple times(multiple offers) per day.

    My core business is lead generation, so I don't send content and it's still just a numbers game for me.
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    The average MMO "guru" type mails 1 - 4 times per day and sometimes more.
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    I think it doesnt matter how often you post , its important if you deliver value .If you have great value then you can post twice per day and people will love you .If you email only promotional stuff then you can email just once per week and people will not like so much
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  • Once per day MINIMUM.

    My business is at the point where even if I did NOTHING else... No product launches, no webinars, no high-ticket sales, literally just sit around outside grilling brats and playing with the kids... I could still pay the bills and put food on the table and have enough left over for more brats and beer.

    Not saying I'd ever get that lazy, but if I did, mailing every day would keep me afloat.

    There are TWO reasons it needs to be once per day MINIMUM.

    #1 Is the direct, mathematical reason. One mail per day brings in my self-imposed minimum profit of $100 but often closer to $300 per day.

    #2 Is more important. Members of my tribe have a ton of other marketers emailing them every day. I absolutely MUST mail every day just to stand out, not be forgotten, and remain top of mind. There might be some niches where this is not the case, but they are getting fewer and fewer I think.

    And like I said, MINIMUM.

    But preferably twice per day.

    I try to have an AM and PM one each day - since most people who get an email during work might see it but not be inclined to click or buy - so getting them later when they're home from work is key.

    Some times I'll mail 3-5 times in a day but that's rare and only during a big scarcity push in the last 24 hours of a big sale or launch.
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    Besides sending email, consider also other channels of communication to your lists of opt-in subscribers such as texting, phone, postal mail, social media, etc. Spam filters and "email blindness" may reduce effective contact and open rates.
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    It can vary a lot . . . I am on many MMO lists, many of them by guys who I know are making a LOT of money from their lists

    Some of them post once or twice a day, about webinars. Some don't post for months, then post every day for a while, about a new course or product they have. Some post occasionally and fairly randomly.

    So any of those strategies can make big money. As others are saying, quality matters a lot more than quantity.

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    It depends on how the list is built.

    Using solo ads I would email every day because people will quickly forget who you are due to the amount of emails they get.

    If you're already an established authority and they sign up through a blog, emailing less frequently would work.
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    I think it is important that your mailing frequency and content matches the promises made on the sign up page. In other words, that people get what they think they will get.

    And that does not need to be meaty content only emails. I email 3-5 times a week, and only send offers, because that is what I have promised my audience.
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    Originally Posted by JPs copy View Post

    Do you email every day religiously? A few times a week? Once a week?

    What frequency has worked in everyone's business?
    It's hard to question to answer.
    Each email list is different, each person who owns a list is different.
    Personally I am emailing each day, but not some promotional emails, but short and simple content, sometimes I just ask how they are doing and giving my personal email to answer if they want or have any questions or just want to talk.

    My list - my family, you need to treat them very well.

    I am in so many lists myself to check how people are communicating with me(subscriber), what type of emails they sending and so on, and to be honest from like 50 email list I am subscribed only 2-3 people are sending really good, informative, friendly emails which I like a lot.
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