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by s87634
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Let's say I have an optin page giving away a free report with an 7 day autoresponder sequence to sell an affiliate product.
I would like to test alternatives to the free report to see if it would improve the sales. How can I track the free report up to the 7 days sales and identify which one leads to more sales ?
I am familiar with tracking software from my days doing mobile pop but not entirely sure how to combine it with an email software such as convertkit.
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    Create a different list for each variation and a different TID on the affiliate link.
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    What do you mean by alternatives / what specifically are you wanting to track?
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  • Hi, perhaps it may be simpler and more cost-effective to have a another opt-in page like conducting a A/B split test ?

    I am not familiar with those tracking softwares but personally I would use 2 opt-in pages, one with the free report upon opt-in and the other opt-in page without the free report. Compare both opt-in pages after a stipulated test period.

    Hope my suggestion helps.
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    Use a tracking service - I use clickmagick

    Then inside the report and email series, you'll have separate tracking links. For instance if you're promoting a clickbank product, you can set up the link with a tracking #.... it usually ends with ?tid=1 that would be for tracking link 1, ?tid=2 for tracking link 2

    so inside your link tracking service, you'd have it set up something like

    tracking link 1 = - where the destination URL would be

    tracking link 2 = - where URL would be

    Then when you start making sales, you can reference clickbank reporting to see which ID produces the sales.

    Hope that helps some

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    You could use the following services:


    And many others....

    Most of these platforms have split testing features built in, so you should be able to do it very effectively and easily.
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