Mailchimp newsletter - 10 of 10 scores in test but still end up in Spam, why???

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Hi I am a rookie trying to get our newsletters not ending up in the spam-folders. I have made a lot of research changing the DNS with the help of my web hosting company so that the adress i authenticated. I have tested our newsletter at - 10 of 10 scores - still it ends up in my own and other test-recipients spam. I'm going crazy over this!

The newsletter contains:
Images, headlines, text but also blocks from woocommerce showing products. Still it ended in the spam before I started using them.

Anyone else with this problem? Solutions? Pls help!
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    Every filter out there has their own rules. This is a constant battle we have to fight all the time. You may want to check the reputation of your IPs.
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    Mailtester uses a basic install of SpamAssassin and its score is only valid if you are sending to a domain that is using the same for their anti-spam solution.

    If your mail is going to the spam folders, you need to look at the following...

    Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    IP / domain reputation: any domain / IP that is associated with the mailing. Also test username.
    Content: everything in the message body / mailing address, subject line, plus your template.

    You need to test everything step-by-step and isolate the problem and fix it.
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    There are more variables that you need to check, like IP reputation, domain reputation. Sometimes even changing the name of the sender can fix things so as DIABLO has said, check all those things and then see why, but from seeing this, I'm guessing it has to do with the IP reputation.
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