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Is anyone getting weird one word spams from using contact forms? I use one with spam protection, but everything is solvable, obviously. But the spam I am getting through those forms is very weird. It isn't promoting anything, its always just one random word and thats it.

Could it be some script is checking who replies, so it can check that email as valid?
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    Originally Posted by OnlineAddict View Post

    Could it be some script is checking who replies, so it can check that email as valid?
    I get them too and I've been thinking the same thing.
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    I've been getting inundated with one-word spam, any solutions to slow it down would be appreciated! I think the script is probably working on a similar principle to how autodialers work, randomly dialing cellphone numbers to see who picks up.
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    Ok, so I am not alone then.

    I tried a regular contact form and was getting them for months. So now I use one of those "spam-free" ones, with some hidden input, which people don't see, but scripts do, so they fall in the trap, but seems like they can get around that, too, nowadays.

    Last emails I got:
    Sender name/message

    Brenda Gaylord: system
    Angelita Wolff: Hat
    Ignacio Schneider: Dynamic

    Its annoying.

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    I am not sure but it could be hackers at work. They keep on reinventing the wheel so TC.
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    I'll throw my hat in the ring, and the spammers too.
    I would guess that they are first trying to see if they get a reply.
    If they reply using a contact form (which I get heaps of as well), they are probably checking that it's still valid.

    Then there are the ones where the person says they have read my site and suggest that they can help me. If I reply, they will explain.

    I suggest simply deleting them. If you reply, you're only setting yourself up to fail.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Hello sir. It's not real spams it's a email marketing. .!
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      Originally Posted by Golabb1 View Post

      Hello sir. It's not real spams it's a email marketing. .!

      "I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it/"
      -Missy Elliot



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  • Ah I read your question wrongly..

    Everyone gets these messages. They are most likely spam bots that I just avoid.
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    These are automatic scripts to check if the contact forms are working.
    A lot of these forms send auto emails back confirming their message.
    Then the scripts will add these users to a mailing list to contact them later on.
    A good method to help prevent being mailed further is to ensure your auto emails do not include anything in the reply to form as well.
    You can also prevent this from happening by using Google Visual Captchas.
    Let's Connect On Skype: Kyle.Shea.777 | LeadsPlusData.Com - View All Data Here
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