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by BME20
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Hi Warriors, Morning.

My first few post(s) on this forum as I try to learn the concept of email marketing. Please would like your feedback and experience on a simple idea.

I am looking to build a list of potential clients within a niche - Real Estate/Construction - Building/Property Owners - Residential or Commerical

The basic idea is to:

A. Using targeted social media ads, direct a stream of traffic towards a squeeze page/lead magnet to get email list opt-ins.
B. Create and send valuable email content to the email subscribers in a 2/3 per week newsletter to build trust and credibility.
C. Promote/Sell a number of affiliates programs (Niche based) within the newsletter content, making commissions to fund the whole entire campaign cost/spend.
D. In your experience assuming only 2% of maybe a list of 3000 email subscribers buy an affiliate marketing product over a year, would this model even fund itself??.
E. Maybe some of the subscribers would become actual clients of the business, but that's not the focus atm, but to use only affiliate payouts (eg Clickbank) to fund the campaign continuously. Would this work?

1. For experienced warriors who are doing these, in one form or another, Would this model even fund itself, how can we maximize these?
2. What is the % sales rate on your email lists using affiliate marketing? What's the best way to increase the squeeze page opt-in rate?
3. Which is the trusted affiliate marketing program(s) within the real estate/construction niche?
4. How else can one monetize a niche email opt-in list?
5. How can this basic idea be made better and more effective/profitable?

Any comments that will help flesh out this naive idea would be helpful. Thank you

Thank you, Awesome Warriors!
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    Originally Posted by BME20 View Post

    3. Which is the trusted affiliate marketing program(s) within the real estate/construction niche?!
    You can go to a website like and find some great programs there that are related to your niche.

    If you can't find anything there, just Google the keywords:
    [B]Construction niche affiliate programs[\b] and this will probably give you a lot of great options you can work with.
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    This is similar to what we've been doing with one of our sites over the past few months. We are focused solely on acquiring leads through Facebook and pitching our own products via email. The plan is to eventually add Facebook conversion/purchase ads to our marketing once we have more data to work with.

    We're not in your niche, and we don't sell affiliate products - so I don't know how helpful this is. After trial and error, we have settled on the way that helps us obtain quality leads at the lowest price. We're currently getting leads for $.26 with Facebook lead ads.

    There are far too many variables to even guess what a conversion rate of a funnel would be. I would suggest to first work on running ads and getting your costs down and perfecting your initial 'welcome' email series. Once you are acquiring leads for a good price, continue to build out your funnel.

    Keep what works and change what doesn't until you have a profitable funnel. Make decisions based on the data and nothing else.
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    Thank you @gambino, glad to have these insight from experts like you. Thank you
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    make sure that you are promoting products which lead the potential customers into high-ticket commissions, because otherwise you can lose money especially when using paid ads
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    Hi @TobiMDD , That's what I am trying to figure out atm, is there an actual profit margin from experts experiences between the cost of paid ads and commissions from affiliates.

    Is there a possibility for the paid ad cost/email list/commissions model to work and how would it work?
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