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I am just getting started in affiliate marketing, failed at it before now trying again 10 years later

1) If i promote an affiliate product that has a deep sales funnel offering many products and i am building a list from driving traffic to this product , how can i maximize this list that i am creating, the product is providing a full email sequence for over 80 days that will receive his offerings, do i inject other offers into the email sequence being provided to me lets say every 7 days i inject another jvzoo product i wish to promote and insert their email sequence in the 90 day sequence or do i create another duplicated list from the lsit i have created and create a new campaign and drive traffic to my new jvzoo offer i wish to promote

2) so what do affiliate marketers do ... do they keep adding new offers to the email list they are building is this how it works or do you create different lists for each new product i with to promote and a separate email campaign with a different landing page and a different budget for each new email campaign like dedicate $300/monthly for one campaign, another $300/monthly for another product etcc confused

3) i have learned that you should create a landing page to capture emails 1st then redirect traffic to affiliate product so that way i am in control and build my list as i promote different affiliate offers ..... the confusion is if i create a landing page i have put up sales copy on that landing page before i redirect to affiliate product , do i use something generic and create 1 landing page for all products i promote or do i have create many unique landing pages specific to each product that i am promoting so i promote 10 products i have to create 10 different landing pages selling that specific affiliate product i am promoting
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    Hey congrats my friend excellent decision. Yes you can interject "Broadcast emails" at any time.

    But you really need to treat your list like an asset and real people not just cattle.

    If you are really giving a shiznit about them you should be tailoring your offers to what would really benefit them then create a story around that because it keeps them engaged and you will experience better conversions that way.

    You already thinking about making an offer the same sec as the landing page haha I feel ya...but how about a free trial offer on the thank you for signing up page nothing crazy about that.

    I have seen short sweet above the fold landing pages and I have seen long landing pages with a Bio built in.

    That is really what places like Facebook want to see they pay attention to where you are sending your Facebook clickers and if there is not much there they will silently begin blocking your links...but that is just FYI you may not even use Facebook but good to know. I think you def on the right track.
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    I agree to what Profit Traveler said, make sure that you treat your list as real people, they need to know like and trust you in order to buy from you..
    Therefore also keep in mind to only sell products you would like and buy yourself.
    Forget about the money and focus on really helping people.

    Regarding point 3 always remember to keep things as simple as possible especially when you are just starting out.

    The power of one: One landing page- one product- one traffic strategy.
    There is absolutely no need to create tons of different pages for different products and multiple email lists.

    First make only one a success and then move on to the next idea.
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    Hi there.
    I agree with the other posters about treating your list with care. If you don't it will quickly become inactive and lose its value.

    A good affiliate program should offer you a mix of harder-selling and soft-selling (content) emails, so you can mix up what you're sending.

    re: #3, you're absolutely right to get the email address so you are in control of the relationship and can nurture each person on your list. You may want to test a few different opt-in offers to create a value exchange for the email address you want to get. A quick PDF guide on the topic still works very well for me with cold traffic. So do quizzes in some markets.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
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    Just going to throw my two cents in here.

    There is nothing wrong with treating your list like cattle either.

    There is so much data and leads available every single day, you can push to monetize them to the max and keep filling in the void after they become inactive on your list.

    I am not saying this is a well advised strategy that you should use per se, but there is enough data to purchase and use every single day that worrying about keeping your list engaged is a little misguided also.

    I do focus on the bulk side of email, so my strategy is to extract as much money, as fast as possible to my list and keep updating it, adding to it, etc, and constantly maintaining it.

    Just throwing out another strategy that can also work. Hope this helps.
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    Focus on serving the people in your list with high quality content and value. Keep them happy. The money will follow.
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    Hey Great Questions,

    Build high converting Email capture page. I advice you to just Ask for there first name and email, Use an email verification tool. So you get real emails in your Autoresponder. Split test it to maximise your opt-in rate. Create a bridge page where you talk about the product, Use what is on the sales page and add your flavors to it.

    Keep changing offers everyday 7 days, If they show more Interest to particular offer send for 10 days or 15 days.

    In my opinion, It's not necessary to create new campaign for every offers. Just create bridge page for every new offer and send your subs to those bridge page through you emails.

    And Yes create unique bridge pages (LANDING PAGE) specific to each offers.

    Great decision to go for email marketing

    Hope this helps
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