Is shared hosting acceptable for SMTP?

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Hi fellow warriors members,

I want to promote physical products for local business.
They have a list of around 4k potential customers.

I want to use an SMTP to setup the email campaign for them but they are using shared hosting.

They have business plan with the web hosting (hostgator).

Is it ok to setup the SMTP with hostgator business shared hosting plan?
Or will this affect the delivery rate?

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    The problem is that there's thousands accounts on each shared IP so it will cause you many delivery problem, why don't you use something simple like using a google business Gsuite or a DigitalOcean droplet for that, it's a bit more difficult but will give you a lot better results...
    p.s. hire someone from upwork to help you settle it, will cost you 10-20$ and after you only need a small droplet at 5-10$ monthly
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      What if web hosting provide dedicated ip?
      will this solve the issue?

      Thanks very much
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        Also, do you recommend me to set up office365 with a mailing software like mautic or mailwizz? I read some people recommend it and say that 365 provides the highest delivery rate for local business for B2B, because most of the companies use 365.
        And when a specific company use 365, it will block (sent to spam box) most of the cold emails they received, except if the sender is using 365 as well.

        Hope anyone comment on this point.

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    you need to get mailwizz, set up your own smtp, then program it for each campaign, buy 20-50 ip and a few cheap domains like .xyz

    upwork has good people who can do it. cost you about $200 to set up and $15+ a month on a vps
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      Services like sendgrid smtp provide the option to buy dedicated ip for about $30 per month. So, if I want to buy like 30 ip, it will cost $900 per month

      can I buy ip from different website that host my smtp?

      for example, if my smtp is on sendgrid, can I buy the ip from another website and setup it with sendgrid?

      or I should buy the ip from the same service that host my smtp?

      Thanks a lot
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    Services from and can be good for you.

    Cheap, reliable and trustworthy.
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    I'd draw your attention to shared plans from and

    They are cheap, reliable and well-supported.
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