3 Email Marketing, Earning per clicks (EPC) Boosters

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Hi guys, If you are email marketers or Interested in email marketing this will help you.

In email marketing, What matters most is your (EPC) Earning Per clicks.

I am not saying Good open rate , And click through rate are not necessary. But They are useless if you don't get a good EPC.

What epc really means is making more money, Putting more money in your pocket

Here Are Some Epc Boosters That you can Try to Increase your earning per clicks.

1 Sale Higher ticket offers.
Exmple 1 -- Let's Say You are promoting or selling $30 offers, You sent 100 Visitors to the sales page out of those 100 visitors 10 people buys the $30 product, At 10% conversion rate you make $300 bucks. Your Earning per clicks is $3

Exmple 1 -- You promoting products that pays you $700. You sent 100 visitors to the offer, out of those, Just 1 person buys the product at just 1% conversion rate you are now making $700.
Now your Earning per clicks is $7, Which is more then double.

So It's always recommended to promote high ticket products.

2 Send Series emails.

Whenever people know there is more to come they tend to look for it, Sending emails as a series is a great way to build anticipation, Get people a reason to look forward to what's coming in a future.

3 Scarcity

Using scarcity in your emails can increase your click through rate and conversion rate. People always wants have the things that are limited in quantity, Scarcity is most powerful thing in terms of motivating quick action.
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