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I would like to promote my SEO Services threw Cold E-Mail Marketing.

-How can I prevent that my mails get into their Spam Filter? I would like to an attach an image of their current rankings, I guess it would be
better to upload this to a picture sharing service like dropbox, right?

-Is it better to send from free mail providers instead of the domain mail to prevent getting blacklisted? Like Yahoo, etc.

-How many E-Mails can I send per day?

Thanks in advance
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    It is best done by giving a lead magnet. and then a follow-up with if they need help with their seo service.
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    agreed, a good lead magnet and do your best to create your own contact lists. Cold email campaigns has low open rate, and in most cases it equals to spam email campaigns.
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    Best approach is find the audience that are interested in your service, Run an ad, here are your option facebook ad, Google ad, solo ad ,

    Free traffic Options: Facebook groups, you tube, Focus on one traffic source at the beginning drive them to an opt-in page, Offer them bribe to opt-in and collect their details (emails) in autoresponder and send them an email every day.

    You can use Get response .
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    Hello Marketers,

    I want to suggest a small thing. You can use your cold marketing emails list for sending your offers and values. You can send them all the details of your services and offer them a discount or coupon code to bring sales. This can increase your chance of a conversion.

    Another option is you can start a blog and local SEO to target your local market. This can help; what you need to do is provide information, learn what they are looking for, and see your competitors.

    While sending emails in cold marketing, you should clean your email list. So, the chances of successful deliverability increase, and your mail end up in the primary tab. Go on google and search about bulk email validation services accu blog--this post, helpful by accuweb, they have given in-depth knowledge of validation services and parameters.
    You should go and get detailed knowledge about it.
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