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Really? Of all the posts you see from admin, this is what you see? And okay, let me get it straight - we all think we're expert in writing emails. I'd like to think so too. I feel like I'm using the proper greeting, the correct intonation, etc. However, WIRED senior editor Victoria Turk thinks we're doing it wrong. Watch this TED Talk as Victoria guides us on some of the oft-neglected fundamentals of email etiquette.

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    this is good if you are emailing back and forth in a work situation.

    Pretty much useless as it pertains to email marketing

    1984 and Animal Farm are supposed to be WARNINGS not instruction manuals
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    • Would agree. This would pair well with a business writing 101 type talk/course for corporations I've worked for; less so for the craft of persuasive emails / email marketing.

      Fwiw, I actually thought the anecdote bemoaning Bezos' one-character emails to his employees (where he forwards a customer email with a "?") had the opposite effect ... assuming the customer question was spelled out correctly, I think that would make for a pretty effective employee communication!
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    I will check the video to see what its offer .Thank you for sharing this with us
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    If you make the business email you have to need a business email account.
    and you have to make a personal account then you have to need an email account that is made by your won name.
    Professional Email Writing is great to work.
    First, you have to need an email that is used for your business.
    There have an example-
    Generally, we use personal accounts by using @gmail/@yahoo .com but the business email account make by @yourbussiness name .com type
    Most of the time we are starting to type our mail by writing -
    Hello sir/Hello friend
    But this is a wrong technic we can make it -
    Dear Sir/Dear Mam/Dear Friends
    etc. ways
    And lastly, we can use-
    your regards.
    and you can finish it.
    We have to mind one thing that email can make one paragraph size not make more paragraphs.
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    This is more suitable for business correspondence. The video is quite informative. thanks
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