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I have a free wordpress plugin on my website that people can download and use. I'm thinking about making people register an account first before downloading, or capturing their email address and sending them a link to download the plugin. I'm using WooCommerce so people can easily create accounts and have their own dashboard.

I want to capture email address and allow them to download the plugin.
Send follow up email a few days later asking them how they like the plugin and if they have any questions.
Send people coupon codes to entice them to purchase the Pro version of the plugin.
Inform people of new plugin updates.

I think I really just need a way to segment my WordPress users into an emailer?

I want to do this with minimal additional plugins.
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  • If you've got Wordpress, you've really got to do 2 things:
    1) Get an autoresponder (I personally recommend Aweber), and
    2) Go to Fiverr and get a gigger to install Thrive on your WP backend. That will be the best $20 you could spend.
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    If you use Elementor, which is the WP drag-and-drop plugin, you can create pop-up boxes for opt-in's. They work with a lot of autoresponders.

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    Thanks guys for the advice. I just logged in to reply that I am experimenting with MailPoet and Green Popups. I'm using MailPoet as my "mailer" to build lists and send emails. It's a really neat plugin that integrates with WooCommerce. I also purchased Green Popups to display popups on my website which seems to offer a TON of features for displaying popups. It integrates in with every CRM and newsletter service imaginable which is nice should I decide on using a different emailer. It even has payment gateway integrations which seems like a nice overkill feature for a popup manager. You can even use Green Popups as a "manager" to deploy popups remotely on different sites which is really cool. I'm considering switching to Acelle or MailWizz if MailPoet doesn't serve my needs.

    My site already has Elementor and I didn't realize it can do popups until you guys pointed it out. It seems to generate a shortcode so I'm not sure how I would deploy that globally on my site?

    There are 4 types of users on my site and my goal is to get them to become a Customer or Subscriber.
    1. Visitors - unknown people who have not signed up.
    2. Registered - people who signed up on my site, presumably to download my plugin.
    3. Customer - people how made a purchase.
    4. Subscriber - Customers who have a recurring subscription.

    This is the funnel I am working on and just need to see about setting up the autoresponder to send emails based on my wordpress users/customers.

    For Visitors (users who have not signed up).
    1. Display popup to get people to signup/download the plugin.
    2. Offer coupon code to in return to collecting email address.

    Email/Autoresponder Flow
    1. Registration Form - users become "Registered" send welcome email.
    2. Send follow up email x days later asking them how they like the plugin.
    3. Offer coupon code to entice registered users to buy.

    Can anyone think of something else I should be doing or add to this?
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