Falso open and click rate report with ActiveCampaign: How to fix it?

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I currently use ActiveCampaign.

During the last month all the open/click rate in every lists were wrongly reported.

I contacted the support and they said that it's due to Gmail, that has something that scans the emails automatically, which leads to false open/clicks and it only affected gmail users.

They tried to fix it, and within weeks they said to have fixed that, cause gmail when it scans the emails it has triggered the tracking code and reported false open and clicks. So they tried to put a filter.
I checked the broadcast campaigns but I see after some days that is has not fixed, and the open rate and click rate report also display a drop both in open and in clicks in every lists.

Do you know if there's something in gmail that may cause this? any extensions?

Does it happens only to ActiveCampaign users or do you know if some of you with other ARs have experienced this?

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it or the only solution in your opinion is changing AR?
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