How to Build an Email List for a Vendor without Access to TY Page?

by xenter
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I have a vendor I want to build an email list for but I do not have access to the optin thank page so I can't place a conversion pixel or code coming from an ad network.

How do you solve this problem? Do I build my own list instead where I can control the whole click journey and then on the first thank you email, send them to the vendor's email page to sign up for another list? Or is there a better way?
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    If the vendor has hired you then tell the vendor you need access. If they do not give it to you just say thank you, good luck. And move on.

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    You could always ask them to install the pixel or make a blank landing page that has the pixel on it then redirect them to a thank you page. I know not the best option but it will work.
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