If You Want To Buy Solo Ads Traffic - See This First

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Hey guys!

If you're looking to buy solo ads traffic
Or buying solo ads traffic, take this tips

Always have two fields in your squeeze page
so in some case, you can see if the sellers
they sen you good clicks or bad clicks. You can look at the NAME
of you subscribers...

I used to face with this

I took a picture of my screen after i got traffic
from one guy on facebook.

Once i showing this picture, he disappeared and never reply

One more big tip when you buy solo ads.

Pay attention on your return on investment.
Not the leads that you got.

If you build a big list but they never open or buy
then you just lose money. Dont' do it.

Money is in the list, or LOSE money is from the list too.

Have a great day
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    Only buy solo ads traffic IF:

    1. You have a ton of money to test different solo ad vendors to see which ones get you results and which ones don't.

    2. You can earn a few $100's or even a few $1,000's in commissions from each customer.
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    Solo ads work, you just have to know how. If the landing page and funnel match then it works. And don't just look at the price.
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    One thing come solo ad is tricky.
    The seller is it trusted. Does he has fresh list etc.

    Some seller just keep re sell his old list.
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    You could try using Leadserve instead - http://www.leadserveads.com/landing/ - pay for subscribers, and not clicks.
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    Buy traffic only from people who are in this business for a very long time, this is the best metric.

    Best Quality Solo Ads: http://domasg.com/SoloAds/
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    You're welcome.

    I'm glad you found this to be useful
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    This is an eye-opener. Thank you for sharing. I have never thought about this before now.

    I want to know if these solo ads is even working am new here .

    Thank you for the information. I have been trying to stick with providers that have a history of good reviews and also a good sales %.

    Do solo ads really work? I've not had much information about how well they convert.
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      Yes, it's still work

      You just have to work with the right sellers

      Even i'm still making sales with solo ads traffic, But basically, nowaday, solo ads traffic is decrease the power
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    I worry that anyone that is on the solo ad vendors list is already receiving so many emails that you won't get noticed or are freebie seekers who have a secondary account they don't see everyday.

    Never thought about fake clicks being a problem too.

    I wonder where Solo ad vendors get their subs from?

    Turn Gmail into an autoresponder, defeat Google promotion tab! http://jcdean.biz

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    I am Solo ad vendor so mainly I am rebuilding my list using various affiliate product launches, click bankings and regular advertising using Facebook ads.

    For example, during holiday period, I am promoting affiliate offers and generaring profit, real Solo ad seller monetizing his email list using different ways, not only selling traffic.
    Best Quality Solo Ads: http://domasg.com/SoloAds/
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    yes, keep an eye on the open rates after the opt-ins.

    If possible use services to prevent bots from opting in from the beginning.
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    I personally have very little experience with solo ads. I used to use Herculist and there were some solo ad packages on there. To be fair to them I was very inexperienced and didn't really do to good a job with what I wanted to promote. Still, I would definitely try them again.

    Although, this time I have many other ideas for what I'm going to put out. I want to first set up a proper funnel ~ landing page, one time offer and then something else after.

    I was reading an ebook earlier that said about trying to make $1-$5 from your one time offer because this can help cover what you pay for your Solos

    Also, I was thinking about setting up a CO-OP where me and another 3 people invest 25% each to test out the traffic of the Solo Ads or whatever else. I'm still not finished with my funnels or autoresponder but will be very excited to test this out.
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    You need proper tracking software that blocks shit traffic. Solo ads work. I suspect that you're going to the cheapest sellers. You need to do your due diligence on them. Also cheapest leads often don't contain buyers. So you need a decent funnel so you can recoup the costs.
    If you don't have a funnel, that would explain why it is a struggle.

    Martin Platt

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      What do you use? "proper tracking software that blocks shit traffic"
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