Fastest bulk email delivery?

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How do we send out an email to 50,000+ subscribers with a time sensitive offer so that they are all delivered within a few minutes of each other?

Can anyone recommend a bulk email service that can do this or suggest another solution?

When working with one of the big name Internet Marketers we used to send broadcast emails to a list of several hundred thousand using AutoResponder Plus that took hours, or even overnight to send. I know 1ShoppingCart scheduled broadcasts and doesn't send them immediately.

Do the Aweber/Get Response type services offer any SLA's regarding how long it takes to send emails?

Thought about breaking the list into chunks but would this make any difference if being sent via the same provider?

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    If u have a google workspace account you can send 2000email per 24hour and it's totally free.
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    50,000 subscribers is not that many emails.
    Any major ESP would be able to send this out within a couple of minutes without any trouble at all.
    SLA's would not be needed for something of this size.
    Load it up, fire it out, you're good.
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    Look into sending your emails via Amazon AWS. They sent out 20k emails to my list in a few hours. Ive got mine account to send 1 email per second so yours shouldn't take that much longer.
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    Bulk mailing is the important aspect of email marketing. There some software available which provide us to do so. They are:
    1. Pepipost - The Most Affordable
    2. SendGrid
    3.HubSpot Email Marketing
    4. Amazon SES
    5. Mailgun
    6. Mandrill App
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    Get a premium MailChimp subscription. That will pretty much do the trick.
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    You should reach out to mTalkz.
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