What email ice-breakers do you use?

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"Hope you are doing well!" Honestly, nobody wants to read it.

Talk about emails, be different! Let me help you here:

Sharing some email icebreakers with you that have always worked for me.

1) Hope your day is going better than your morning coffee
2) Hope you are having an A+ week. If not, I hope it converts into one
3) Hope your revenue boat is better than yesterday
4) May the Monday blues don't hurt you (specially when I send emails on Monday)
5) Just what you want! Not another salesy email
6) 4 more days until Friday! Wohoo!

Share other email ice-breakers that you all use. Let's help each other
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    "Hope your day is going better than your morning coffee"

    Not sure about the others, but a bad morning coffee is a bad omen to me.
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  • Honestly, be authentic showing your personality which creativity will come out in you. From there, use those ice breakers.
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    to me, none of those are "icebreakers" especially from someone I do not know. and yes, even if I am on their list I still do not know them

    But, to each their own

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    I can't think of a better one than my morning coffee.

    And I also agree with agmccall about none of this being icebreakers I'd use.

    I personally try to be as me as possible, and I am more of a storytelling type of marketer, so I like to open with a line that will get my reader curious about what I have to say.
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