Are Solo Ads Dead in 2021?

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I have a small budget (around $1,500).
I'm not sure it's fine to start a Solo Ads business for a newbie in 2021?
I read some threads about solo ads coaching. However, there are not any sellers guarantee that I will be successful if I join their courses.

Let's calculate:
$100/day to buy Solo Ads
=> $3,000/30 days
Besides, do you think $1,500 is not enough to do Solo Ads?

Do you think it's too late for me to start a Solo Ads now?
I really like Solo Ads.

Thanks for reading,
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    I highly recommend before investing that amount of money into solo ads that you first:

    1. Learn copywriting
    2. Choose great products
    3. Write a 90 days autoresponder sequence

    1. First of all, if your copy sucks then nobody will buy from you or click your links.
    The BEST way to improve your copy is to subscribe to other affiliate marketers (the best in the world) email lists. So you see someone running a YouTube ad, click on it and give them your email. And then READ their emails and learn from their approach. I get dozens of emails everyday from some of the top marketers. You can also find great copywriting books on amazon.

    2. Make sure they are not scammy products but great products so subscribers will buy from you repeatedly as their trust in you grows. Make sure the 1st product you recommend is the best one. Also I recommend using clickbank to find great products.

    3. This has to be done or you might give up along the way and stop writing emails because once that happens your investment literally goes down the drain. Prepare the best 90 emails you possibly can and add them to your autoresponder so you have got that out of the way. Then, simply add 1 email a day for the next 6-9 months until you have a 365 days autoresponder sequence.

    Hope that helps
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      Agreed - great comment!
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      1. Learn copywriting
      I believe that to be a good solo ad seller this is one of the main skills to have.
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    Solo ads are a waste of money IF you're a newbie and haven't optimized your funnel

    Also, keep in mind that many solo ad lists are built from a user base of people who already subscribed to other solo ad lists - not exactly an easy crowd to convert

    There is a better way to make money with solo ads: DON'T BUY FROM SOLO AD SELLERS

    Buy directly from niche sites that have newsletters

    Not only is this CHEAPER but your ROI would be better if your funnel is optimized

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    There is an old time Warrior who has been buying solo ads for years and making a fulltime living building a list with them, solely.

    Search for username NICHEBLOGGER75 and you will find great insight from him
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      THx for info, will check it.
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    With solo ads or any other traffic getting technique, you have to test multiple vendors to see which ones work for you and which ones don't.
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    many people are using solo ads to build their subscriber lists that there's lots of overlap and the lists are less responsive than in the past. My mentor used solo ads to build his list and has more recently turned to Facebook ads which cost more but are better targeted and produce more sales.

    Quality, targeted leads are not as accessible through solo ads as they once were. This is why many marketers have turned to Facebook ads and other sources for leads. Solo ad competition has increased, click-through rates have decreased, and that has resulted in fewer sales

    Want To Learn Affiliate Marketing The Right Way?
    Click Here To Get Free Access To Our Free Course!

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  • Ok, I agree with Mr. Winner and definitely do the above actions first or solo ads and any social media won't work period. Now, start with a tester of 200-300 clicks. This will tell you if the campaign will work. If it does not, maybe it does not fit in the vendor's list and you move on or maybe the copy, the funnel or the lead magnet is not working and so tweak it.
    Solo ads overall will cost you less than any other social media ad for conversions. Plus, Facebook is the new "F" word as they always keep changing their rules. You may run a successful campaign and at any time Facebook can shut you down for any reason. Same goes to Google as they are even more expensive. Plus, solo ads are great for the affiliate marketing niches as both Facebook and Google frown against affiliates.
    If 200-300 clicks working then scale it up immediately, not gradually like with Facebook so you can grow your business quicker.
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  • My advice is that you should buy your solo ads from a vendor that has a solo ad website and also has a good social media presence

    Check out his/her name on Google and see more details about him/her.

    If you can't find any results concerning the solo ads vendor... I'ii advice you don't use them because the clicks and subscribers might not be real.
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    Really?? Do we have to do this every damn year?? Do we have to have the same old answers?? and does the question have to be asked by someone who purchased an aged account and used a stock photo for their avatar.

    Here are your answers.

    You can't make any money
    You can make a lot of money
    They are a ripoff
    They are a great investment
    You should try them
    You should stay away from them
    Buy facebook ads
    Buy Youtube ads
    Buy Bing Ads
    Use instagram
    Make youtube videos.

    What was the question again? Oh Yeah, the same question asked year after year over and over again

    hope this helps

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Most of the leads you get from solo ads won't be high quality buyer leads (most vendors will email their non-buyer list). With that in mind, you want to put people through a purchase funnel so you can make money from the leads later.

    In order to do that, you need to:

    - Send the person to a squeeze page
    - Get the person to sign up for your email list
    - Send the person to a sales page
    - Build a buyer list
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