How do you "sell" in an email?

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Hi guys,

I'm interested in email marketing.

My question: how do I sell a Clickbank product in an email?

I once read a WSO by PPC Coach (I'm not sure if he's still active on this forum anymore) and he suggested that to sell a product in an email, simply write a blog post as the email and then at the bottom of the email say:

"This email sponsored by:

[Clickbank product name]

Check them out here:

[affiliate link]"

Do you think this copy will convert email subscribers into customers?

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  • I believe in testing. So test it out and see if it works. But you have to first give value to your subscribers and build a relationship with them.

    Even if you write that but your email subscribers don't know who you're OR don't see you as their friend. It might not work out good.
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    Bump. Sorry guys, can anyone please tell me if that is good copywriting in an email? Thanks.

    "All marketers are liars" - Seth Godin
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    Awesome question!

    This will vary niche to niche, but generally, the real key is to either provide great informational value or engage the prospect in some kind of story and to bring them into an experience. You want them to be actively seeking out the link in your email, as opposed to thinking, "just another marketing email!".

    This is also the key to them opening your emails more regularly - open rate is something a lot of beginners tend to overlook.

    If you were going to go down the "This email sponsored by..." route, I would put this at the bottom of the email, for sure.

    Perhaps, if you shared the niche you're in I could give you some more detailed feedback

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    I know that Tim Ferriss does this. I started following him several years ago, and he does this, or some varyation.

    Sometimes he will list the "This email sponsored by..." part within the acutal content.

    Other times its is sandwiched between 2 different types of content.
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    In email marketing, it is all about building a relationship with your list.

    If you are wanting to promote a clickbank product to your list:

    -make sure it doesn't suck
    -learn all the benefits of the product
    -then create an email series to softly promote the product

    there is nothing wrong with what the PPC coach suggested, just be careful not to push your list too hard.

    Also keep in mind 1 email is probably not going to get you a lot of results. A series of emails spread out over time will work better.
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    everything can convert if your subscribers really like you
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    All points are really good. I believe in testing as well, because you don't know your audience and they don't know you too, so test a couple of options and for the start do your promotion softly to understand the users behaviour

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    Never make sales pitch straight away. Describe the purpose and uses of the product first.
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    First you have to remember that when you are dealing with affiliate products you are not "Selling" you are trying to get your subscriber to click a link once they get to the sales page then the product vendor takes over and does the selling.

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    Whenever I am promoting something I follow these basic guidelines.

    a. Have access to what you are selling so you can go through it to know it is legit.

    b. Make a review of the product with pros, cons, who it is for and if need be, any bonus.

    c. Prepare a series of emails. For me anywhere from 3-7

    d. Schedule the emails

    Something like:

    Day 1: Story and set the scene
    Day 2: Continue story and link to review (mention a bonus if you can)
    Day 3: It is live or buy now
    Day 4: Answer any potential FAQ


    If the product is good and more importantly, people know like and trust you, then you'll make sales.

    If you promote crap just for a commission, then the only way to sustain that is to jump on the product creation train and join the circle jerk crew.

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    I really don't think so
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