How do I write a coupon newseletter?

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Hi guys, I'm trying to bulid a weekly coupon newsletter.

In the newsletter, I include 3 or so coupons. I've never written a coupon newsletter before. Can you please help?

Do I just write something like this:

"Hi Jim,

Here are the top coupons this week.

10% off Bed, Bath & Beyond orders $30 or more - Code BED10. Click here to redeem coupon (affiliate link)

25% off Target orders $50 or more - Code TGT25. Click here to redeem coupon (affiliate link)

$5 off Macy's orders $25 or more- CODE MCY5. Click here to redeem coupon (affiliate link).

Start saving with these amazing coupons. Have a great day"

Is this copy ok? Or should I really hire a copywriter to do this?

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    This answer may be long - and convoluted - but it's info you need to understand. Until you do, you will keep asking the same questions.

    Two weeks ago you were asking how to sell clickbank in emails - and basically what you proposed was this:

    "This email sponsored by:
    [Clickbank product name]
    Check them out here:
    [affiliate link]"
    How is this 'coupon sales' idea any different? The text is pretty much the same:

    "Here is a link - buy some stuff"

    Here is what you need to consider - because until you solve this you won't succeed with any email campaign.

    Affiliate marketing is more than putting yourself (your link) between a customer and the product. You have to give the person a reason to buy through your link and 'here is a link' doesn't do that.

    When you are an affiliate marketer, you need to understand the SELLER of the product is also building while you promote affiliate links to your may need other methods to BUILD that list.

    I don't know if the brands you used were for example or something you are planning to try as a 'coupon' - but most of those retailers provide a percentage off to sign up for THEIR list when someone logs in to their site.

    I think marketers underestimate the intelligence of buyers online. Many buyers recognize an affiliate link when they see it. They will buy through an affiliate when that person clearly knows MORE about the topic or the product....when that person has entertained them or educated them or built some level of trust witht he emal list.

    "Buy my stuff" is not good enough. Hiring a content writer or a copywriter might be useless at this point unless you can afford a really good one. When you hire a freelancer - they are going to do what you tell them to do. You don't seem to know how to cultivate an email you might waste money hiring a writer.

    You've been advised in other threads to join some marketer's email lists and LOOK at how they do it. Don't join the top 'guru' types - they are way ahead of you and what they do now will not help you much.

    Find some active marketers who seem to know what they are doing here on this forum or on blogs/sites....sign up for their lists and then look for the patterns. How do they introduce often do they email you and how does that frequency feel to you? do they 'lead up to' an affiliate link? much prep/information do they provide before giving you a 'buy link'?

    If you have the ability to do so, I'd even advise printing out emails after joining several lists - look at how they introduce themselves, how they discuss products, how they lead up to offering affiliate links, how they 'connect' with their readers. You WILL see patterns if you look for them.

    You have to do the homework - you need to understand how an email SERIES progresses and no better way than to sign up for 5-6 lists....and look for the patterns or the personality/information.

    Edit: I'd advise you to read the thread below - it's more copywritig a sales page than email copy - but it special attention to Jason's reply....that's important for listing building as well.
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    The quickest way to learn what is working is to subscribe to other successfull newsletters in your niche. I'm not sure the copy you have above would inspire much action.
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  • If you've not given them a reason to redeem the coupon. The email is valueless.

    Give them a reason and how it will solve their problems.

    Don't just write as if you're the one feeding them. They will ignore.
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    Hire a writer! I think this method will be more convenient.
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