What do you guys think about lead swap?

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Hey guys,
I just started selling solo ads
What are your experiences?

Any lessons on lead swapping too?
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    Congratulations on taking the first steps towards building your business.

    Being a solo ad seller myself I have found that I am more a people person that I though I was, I like helping others and answering questions.
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    I am thinking to myself why would some want to sell active subscribers ? Maybe they swap because the lead has no interest or the list is not so good.
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      When you think about how the newspaper business used to be, it will be easier to understand...
      Basically before the internet came, every newspaper would have regular buyers that read the news but the way the newspaper monetized was renting some space to advertisers...
      Radio was the same, TV was the same, even Yt now is the same.
      If you were an advertiser trying to get some good space for your ad to appear, would you go to a big newspaper with a bunch of readers?
      This is just one analogy I quickly came up with.
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    I used to do this when I first started selling solo ads way back. It really depends on the quality of the list you're doing a swap with. I've had terrible results from people who don't know what they're doing, and awesome results with multiple sales from people with great lists.

    If you've just started out, it could take you a time to find the good lists to do swaps with. When I did it I used to use fb groups that deal with this sort of stuff.

    What you do have to be careful of is that you don't keep swapping with the same person, as you may get duplicates. You can use the same tracking link to detect that though if you wanted to.

    The other big challenge is how similar your list is to theirs. What I mean is, what the subscribers are interested in, and the style of the writer of the emails on the list. If it's all similar to yours, then likely will get good results.

    With solos the key is getting in a lot of fresh leads, and keeping your list active.

    Good luck!

    Martin Platt

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