Why Email Marketing is So Important

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A new infographic on Social Media Today looks at email marketing and why it's so important.

Even with social platform usage continuing to rise, email remains a key element of any effective digital marketing strategy, providing a direct connection between you and your target audience, and facilitating a range of engagement benefits. Being granted access to a users' inbox is not something that can be taken for granted, as abusing the privilege can easily get you cut off and lost to that individual forever.

That's why your emails have to be planned, and they have to be personally relevant as much as possible. Get these elements right, and email will likely become the backbone of your marketing outreach process. To help with this, the team from Email Tool Tester have put together this new overview of essential email usage stats and tips, which can help in your planning.

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    So awesome post, as I'm working with email traffic I know how important it is and how valuable is information like this. Thank you for posting
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    Email marketing is very important, that's why you need strong copywriting skills when writing the emails. It will make a big difference in end results.
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    Great post, I'm struggling to remarketing and gain sale with email. This post is so useful for me and my business. Thanks for sharing
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    Definitely need to build a list and not depend on socialmedia platforms soley .I know a prminent blogger that lost all of his traffic because because an update google made and that was his main source of traffic .
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    • Profile picture of the author Diego Aguirre
      I am a bit surprised to see such a big difference in open rates between desktop and mobile.
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    • Profile picture of the author Elliott Pak
      Same. I had a client lose pretty much their entire SEO-based lead generation because Google changed their algorithms. They were freaking out trying to figure out what to do next...further discussion led to the realization that they were sitting on a 10,000+ email list that they weren't utilizing at all. Talk about an untapped gold mine.
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    Yeah! Email marketing is a good platform for build relationships with leads & it is one of your best marketing channels.
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  • Thanks for this! Really helpful for someone like me who wants to know more about email marketing.
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    Thanks for sharing information. Email marketing is very important, it is a good platform for build relationships with leads
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    Thank For sharing positive information.
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    We have been having great success with email marketing in our business financing product offering. Huge ROI!
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    Great insights! I saw a huge difference when I started using grippy headlines rather than plainly descriptive ones.
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    Thanks for sharing.

    It's very important to have proper figures in all areas
    of marketing rather than easy assumptions.
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    Thanks for sharing , But there is big task to collect related user's email.
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    Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers because it gives you a chance to speak directly to them, in their inbox, at a time that is convenient for them.
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    Thanks for share this helpful information
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  • Email Marketing is a great platform to convert potential customers into your loyal customers
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    Email marketing can be used to attract new clients or customers. Email marketing can be used for both outbound and inbound prospecting. Inbound prospecting involves sending promotional emails and newsletters to potential clients who have subscribed to your email service. Outbound marketing is where you send cold emails directly to potential clients. Cold emails are emails you send to prospects who are a good match for your products and services.
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  • Profile picture of the author Profit Traveler
    Especially if you launch products.

    That first day momentum can make you or break you.

    A pre-sold list that you got excited about a launch that was tailor made for them with credit cards in hand to take advantage of that early bird discount will make all the difference.
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