Best way to Stay out of Spam or Promotions Tab for Gmail

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Guys let me know what steps I need to do to prevent my emails from going to spam or promotions tab. or forward me on to the thread if there is one already. I assume rewrite JV emails, Verify Domain. Don't put spam keywords in emails. Reduce number of links in emails.
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    Yes, all those. And . . .

    make all the links in your emails from your own site (you can use PrettyLinks in WordPress to make redirecting links).

    Make sure you understand how to "warm up" your domain, eg. don't send any email sin the first 30 days, then send 100 the first day to your best openers, 200 the next day, 400 the next etc.

    Make sure your SPF, DKIM etc. are working correctly.

    Make sure your domain is not on any of the blacklists.

    Make sure you write at least a page or so of relevant content on each email (short emails have less deliverability).

    Make sure you use an email management system which has good deliverability and is a good match for the type of emailing you are doing . . . eg. MailChimp is designed for eCommerce, so it will work well for that, but works less well for internet marketing lists.

    Hope that helps

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    Set up seed accounts and test your inbox placement. Don't open your test messages, as this can show / build up engagement. If you want to open a message and check it, use a single seed account for opening messages and don't open the others. Optionally you can set up multiple sets of seed accounts that each set tests different recipient behaviors.

    I've been mailing for 20+ years. You can get out of the promotions folder and into the inbox by testing / tweaking your message wording. Sometimes it takes a bunch of work, sometimes it's real easy. Sometimes your message may not be as ideal as you would like, but it inboxes.

    As long as your sending IP(s) isn't blocked / blacklisted, the same goes for the spam folder.

    If you're hitting spam folder, you want to look at...

    1) Back-end setup: spf, dkim, rdns, etc...
    2) IP / domain reputation: any domain / IP that is associated with the mailing. Also test username.
    3) Content: everything in the message body, mailing address, subject line, plus your template.
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    • Change your ESP or whitelist your IP

    • Clean your email list:
      Remove inactive subscribers before sending an email to your email list. So that will help to increase deliverability and open rate.

    • Don't start sending bulk emails on the very first day. Instead, start with 100 emails per day, then increase the email numbers.

    • Send personalized subject line:
      Don't use the sales subject line or untrusted statistics indicating the spam email in your subject line like increase 960% ROI

    • Stop using spam keywords:
      Stop using some keywords that are considered to be exploiting by mail services. Such emails are automatically sent to spam mailboxes. IF you avoid using such keywords, then they will appear in normal Inbox.
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