The best type of email to promote an affiliate product

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What type of email promotions are you most likely to buy from? Or, which do you think work the best?

1) A story-based email that links to a product in a casual way.

2) An email telling you: "This is the product, this is what it does, if you buy it through my link you'll get these bonuses."

3) An email pointing to a review of the product, that has some bonuses attached.

4) An email pointing to a video review of the product, that has some bonuses attached.

5) Something else?

And WHY? :-)

Thanks in advance!
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    Well, for me it would be a mix of options 1 and 4.

    In other words, I have personally bought stuff from a story-based email that links to a video review of the product (and also includes some expansion of the story), that has some bonuses attached.
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  • If'n the email begins

    Dear PRINCESS,

    'an then continues with with a persnl offah speshly for Moi, natchrlly ima scroll down to the meaty stuffs.

    Course, this whole manifestation of my nervous system nevah plays out less'n the monstrous schlop of invasive frickitude smackin' it's way into my inbox gets shut down by the mebbe supah brief headline you drop there that compels me to DELETE to JUNK evrythin' else & look in on what you gotta say.

    Whereupon, you say ...

    Dear PRINCESS,


    Has nowan learned nuthin' since Jane Austen?

    Tellya, mosta the crapola appears in my inbox is junk deserves to DIE.

    I mass select ... an' exterminate.

    Address MOI, or I ain't intrested.

    Nuthin' has changed since repressed sex monstahs wrote ultra polite notes to one anothah from undah their bouffant dalek dresses to guys in the centurysago equivalent of male joggahs who preferred to grow tasteless beards steada learn to use a quill.

    Uhm, Do We Get a Synopsis, O Princess?

    Yeah. Quit pukin' out self-obsessed d*ckcheese.

    Then prolly an actschwl hooman will wanna READ IT.

    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    People get bored quickly and forget quickly. You need a mix of types of email but you need branding so there is some memory of you as the sender.
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    I will go for number 3. Since it will reveal virtually all.
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