How testing can give your email marketing a conversions boost

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A new article on says that most marketers have some kind of email program but asks if they're really emailing with a purpose.

Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing, says not all marketers are fully invested in testing:

"If they're testing, why are they testing? Sometimes the answer is simply because we think we should. It's not because they actually have that passion for learning, that passion for making incredible uplifts and insights. Email is one of the few push channels, and it's the original push channel. And what that does is it gives a point of amazing advantage when it comes to certain factors, including testing. If you keep on doing the same things over and over, you're going to get the same results."
Email is a customer-centric channel where the copy and other content can speak directly to what a customer is looking for from your brand. Email marketing will yield valuable results because the interactions get at a deeper level of truth than, for instance, customer responses to surveys.

"People tend to answer [questions in surveys] to the ideal self, so they're answering it to a self that they'd like to think that they are, or the self they'd like to think that they will be. They're not necessarily answering it to the reality of who they currently are. And so that means you have to take their answers to an informed survey with a grain of salt. Monitoring what they're clicking and what they're not clicking, how they're acting, how they're engaging with your content, your emails, and everything..that's actually getting to the truth of the matter, what they're really thinking."
Pay provides some excellent insights into successfully carrying out testing and developing an effective email strategy in the original article, which you can reach via the above link!
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